Biblical Times Dinner Theater

Biblical Times Screens

Biblical Times is a high-energy show filled with awesome talent, colorful backdrops, and holographic technology!  

It's one of the most exciting shows in the Smokies!  This wonderful presentation brings the Bible to life through song, dance, and praise!

It's a great opportunity to lift your voice in song with magnificent voices who are celebrating Jesus from the heart!

Biblical Times Song

The first half of the show is an awesome gospel concert! You'll love the old hymns, as well as new contemporary sounds, southern gospel, and patriotic tunes!  

It's the kind of music that just naturally lifts the spirit, and entertains the soul! 

Biblical Times Comedy

 Have a good laugh with great comedy, and silly antics.  Things get a little crazy here!  However, it's just good, wholesome family fun! 

Just when you think the show couldn't get any better, you hear a strange horn-like sound!  This means IT'S DINNER TIME!

Biblical Times Salad
Biblical Times Meal
Biblical Times Cake

Fast-moving servers bring delicious food to your seat!  It's a full 7-course-meal of "biblical proportions," complete with hand-carved smoked turkey, wood smoked pulled pork, tender grilled chicken fillet, herb-garnished red potatoes, home-style baked beans, crispy tossed salad, cheddar cheese biscuit, and unlimited drink, (your choice) tea, or lemonade!

And for dessert, we top it off with a scrumptious, mouth-watering piece of caramel cream cake.  (Yum!!)

Biblical Times Tables

One of the most unique things about The Biblical Times Dinner Theater is the tables.  

Unlike other dinner theaters in the area, upon entering, you're escorted to a comfortable theater chair.

Afterwards, a server connects a small, desk-like table, complete with food mat to your chair.  

After eating, the table is disconnected, and taken away, leaving you once again with comfortable theatrical seating! 

Biblical Times David

As you enjoy your meal, the "award winning" cast continues in concert. There's a ten minute intermission before the second half begins.

The Bible starts to unfold as the theater's 2013 presentation gets underway.  

The setting for "Kings of Psalms" is 1105 BC. It was during this time that Samuel was born. Israel was in chaos because they had no king. 

Young David killed Goliath before becoming king, and the Holy Ark of the Covenant is relocated to Jerusalem.  

Biblical Times Angel
Biblical Times Deer

It's 3-D holograms that make the Biblical Times Theater one of the best attractions in Pigeon Forge!

Through this unique technology, exotic animals appear onstage. A beautiful angel appears, along with other life-like holographic images!  

Biblical Times Praise

The show becomes quite impressive as on-stage performers join  holographic images in song! 

Starting in November, Biblical Times Theater will present a one-of-a-kind Christmas drama! 

Biblical Times Christmas

 This production plays host to original inspirational music, as well as traditional songs. Special effects bring the story to life in ways never before told.  Bring your family, or  group, and enjoy a state-of-the-art performance!  This Christmas story is sure to be a memorable experience you'll treasure for years to come.  

For more information, or to make reservations for the Biblical Times Feast, and/or the Christmas show, call 865-908-2251..

Make Jesus part of your Smoky Mountain vacation! This show is a sure way to bless the name of Jesus and praise Him as you experience the wonder of His love!  Sing His song of praise!  Hear about Him through beautiful stories told in dramatic ways!  Break bread among those with whom you love, and those who love you in Christ.  Being surrounded by folks such as these creates the kind of atmosphere that will surely produce yet another beautiful verse to your own personal Heartsong.