Follow This Biblical Times Poster For A Great Show!

The Biblical Times Theater is a "Must See" musical for everyone who visits the Great Smoky Mountains area!

This is truly one Pigeon Forge show you'll want to see over and again!


Lots of great Biblical Times Theater Singing goes on here!
Nothing Compares to A Beautiful Biblical Times Song!

This 2014 production, "Moses, Mountain of God" is a beautiful story of faith that is being told through the eyes of Joshua.  It's a high-energy performance loaded with music, song, and dance.  

It relays to us lessons of faith Israel learned as they crossed into the Promised Land.  

Biblical Times Comedy is great!

Biblical Times Performers bring the stage to life with beautiful gospel music, humorous tunes, and entertaining skits that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat from beginning to end! 

Enjoy different kinds of music including southern gospel, new contemporary, old hymns, and patriotic tunes.  

You'll Be Amazed by The  Biblical Times Screens

 A special glow comes alive in each of the performer's hearts as they share their own personal testimony of salvation with the audience.


A Biblical Times Angel Hologram
Biblical Times David is young
Holograms make up the Biblical Times Deer

Wait until you see the holograph technology! (It's one of my favorite parts of the show!)  There's actually 12 scenes in all, with two featuring animals.  It's hard to tell sometimes the difference between the holograms, and the live performers.

These scenes are really beautiful, and indeed do their part in giving you a wonderful spiritual experience!


Biblical Times Salads are fresh and good.
You'll enjoy your Biblical Times Cake
Biblical Times Meal Hits The Spot

The 7 course dinner is a meal of "Biblical" proportions!  There's plenty of good food for the body as you "spiritually" feed the soul.  

The menu includes hand-carved roast beef, wood smoked pulled pork, a tender grilled chicken fillet, herb-garnished red potatoes, home-style baked beans, tossed salad, cheddar cheese biscuit, caramel cream cake, and an unlimited amount of tea, or lemonade.

The Biblical Times Tables Are Very Unique

Your meal is served is a theater-style rocker-type seat during the first half of the show.  A small table is conveniently attached to your chair so you eat comfortably.  Afterwards, the table is detached so that you're left with comfortable seating to enjoy the rest of the show.


The Biblical Times Christmas Show Promises a Blessing

The Christmas Show starts at 6pm November 1st and goes through January 4th.  

During the first half of the show, the award-winning cast spreads the gospel through music and song. In the second half the story of the birth of Jesus is told in a magnificent way!  Be entertained as you watch a glorious nativity as seen through the eyes of Simeon's prophecy.  Enjoy the 7-course meal, and sing along with traditional Christmas carols, southern gospel, and more.

.  Large groups are encouraged to book a matinee showing.

Biblical Times Theater Outside is Beautiful

Contact their Box Office For Reservations  by calling the Theater at


Box Office Hours Are:

Monday - Saturday 

9am - 6pm

We are closed Sundays


Monday - Saturday


Ticket Prices

Adults 12+ $44.95 plus tax
Children 3-11 $19.95 plus tax
Children 2 and under Free
Seniors 60+ $41.95 plus tax
Preferred Seating $49.95



We draw closer to God when we worship, and give Him praise! We were created to glorify our Savior!  Keeping God first place changes your perspective in life.  You experience freedom, make better choices, and have a distinct love for others.  Serving Christ is serving others.  When we do this, we add a lovely new verse to our own wonderful Heartsong.


This production is taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

Late discoveries about the actual site of Moses, "Mountain of God" has been incorporated into this production!

The delicious 7-course meal is catered by The Wood Grill Buffet Restaurant located next door!