chasing rainbows

In Chasing Rainbows Dolly Parton's childhood memories are depicted.Little Miss Dolly Parton
Chasing Rainbows is a unique museum in Dollywood that tells the life story of Dolly PartonChasing Rainbows Museum
This Chasing Rainbows coat is the famous The "Coat of Many Colors"

Chasing Rainbows!  It's something we all do from time to time.  We look  to the future with high hopes of making our wildest dreams come true.  Dolly Parton was always a "dreamer!"  This young lady had faith in her heart and the desire to make her dreams come true.   Believing in herself, her dreams, and the hand of God was all she needed to bring those childhood dreams to life.  Dolly Parton has fantasized about being a huge success  for years and has believed and achieved.  Taking the self-guided tour through her unique museum  located inside Dollywood is a fun, and exciting way to learn everything you want to know about this legendary performer.  

The tour begins with photos of Dolly taken with her many celebrity friends she's worked with throughout the years.   Next comes "the attic."  This is a junk room where Dolly has piled up her personal stuff from years back.  There's old home decor, things from her childhood days, and lots of stuff she's picked up but not using anymore.  Some things in this room are expensive, others are just plain junk.  While browsing around the room Dolly Patron comes to life through hologram photography to welcome you to the museum.  She welcomes guests and talks about her life and making dreams come true.  

chasing rainbows is an amazing tribute to the life of dolly parton

These Chasing Rainbows Gold records are accomplishments of Dolly PartonGold Records achieved by Dolly
Chasing Rainbows Imagination Library display is amazing.Chasing Rainbows Imagination Library
These Chasing Rainbows outfits were worn by Dolly in movies, TV, etc....Outfits worn by Dolly

This museum features every aspect of Dolly's life starting with rooms in the old Sevierville Tennessee cabin she grew up in.  It includes a photo of her as a young child.  There's authentic furniture in the bedroom like a cradle and corn shuck dolls.  In the kitchen is an old antique stove.  Throughout the museum are videos of Dolly performing some of her biggest hits.  There's an "Ask Dolly" booth where you can choose questions to ask and get her answers.  Beautiful outfits she has worn throughout her career onstage, movies, and TV are all there.  Hear as Dolly reads a letter she wrote to her family after she left her home in East Tennessee to go to Nashville.  Enjoy a special tribute to her friend Porter Waggoner with whom she wrote the song "I Will Always Love You" .The tour ends with a tribute to her Uncle Billy.  He was just a man out there believing in a little girl he thought would be at the top of her game one day.....and he was right!

The museum is free with admission to Dollywood.  Another part of the tour continues outside the museum.  The tour bus Dolly used for years to travel from city to city is available for a "walk through."  All of her personal decor and belongings are still there.   You can find more information about the museum  by calling Dollywood at 1-800=365-5996.