dollywood splash country

This Dollywood Splash Country Sign is a warm welcome for all those who enter the park!Welcome to Dollywood Splash Country!
Dollywood Splash Country Slides are filled with fast curves, and cool splashes.Exciting Slides
These Dollywood Splash Country Racers Are Fast Moving Wet Fun!Racing Water Slides
This Dollywood Splash Country Butterfly is actually a flower garden.Beautiful Flower Garden
Dollywood Splash Country Lazy River is a cool, relaxing ride that circles the park.Lazy River

Dollywood Splash Country is an amazing park filled with thrilling water rides, delicious snacks, and all around great fun!  The park sits directly behind the DreamMore Resort.  The most popular ride here is "The Lazy River."  It's because everyone can do it!  You're never too young or too old to grab a tube and take a relaxing float around the park.  Young people who wear themselves out on all those high-flying water slides eventually move into relax mode and ride down the river.  Those who will not dare tread the wild rides go on the Lazy River.  Everyone of every age sooner or later lets their "lazy side" take over and grabs a tube so they can just lie there....and relax! 

The Dollywood Splash Country Wave Pool has the feel of being at the beach.Wave Pool

What's the best way to get wet when you arrive?  In my opinion, it's the park's gigantic wave pool.  Stepping into the front of the pool is like stepping into the ocean.  The further you go, the deeper you get.  If you like to wade and get wet slowly, this is the way to go....until the waves start coming!  Sure you'll  get wet in a hurry, or, you may get a slight push down into the water, but the waves are what everyone loves best!  Some folks sit at the edge of the pool and let the waves brush against them.  Others take a tube and ride the waves, while others swim against the current.  It's a great way to cool down, relax, and imagine you're at the beach.

dollywood splash country offers thrill slides for every member of the family

It's a fast ride down Dollywood Splash Country's Fire Tower Falls Slide!Fire Tower Falls

If you're one of those people who like living on the edge, you'll love those fast, crazy slides this fun park has to offer.  Fire Tower Falls is probably the most challenging ride in the park.  It stands several stories high with a straight downward drop before slanting into the slide.  

This Dollywood Splash Country Coaster is known as the River Rush!  It's one of the park's most thrilling rides!River Rush Water Coaster

 One of the park's best rides is "The River Rush" water coaster.  If you're into roller coasters, you've got to experience this ride.  It actually takes you up and down hills, through tunnels and splashing waters! 

Dollywood Splash Country Kids area has great slides, sprays, and pools for small children.Dollywood Splash Country Small Children's Play Area

If you are a parent with small children, the park has a special play area specifically designed for the "little ones."  There's plenty of slides and sprinklers for their size and plenty of room for parents and families to sit and enjoy watching the little ones play.  It's decorated in beautiful butterflies and bight colors with a pool, water sprays, slides and more!

Dollywood Splash Country Bucket drops gallons of water for cool splashing fun.Bear Mountain Fire Tower

Have you ever met anyone who wants to go to a water park and get wet but they don't want to get into the wave pool, ride any of the slides, or float down the lazy river?  Well Dollywood Splash Country has just the thing!  It's called Bear Mountain Fire Tower.  It features 7 slides, a water cannon, and a huge bucket that dumps gallons of water right on your head!  Personally, I love the bucket!  It's unbelievable at how good it feels to have all that water splashing right down on you on a hot summer's day!

Dollywood Splash Country is located at 2700 Dollywood Parks Blvd - Pigeon Forge, directly across from Dollywood Theme Park.    

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