an amusement park filled with fun year around

There is never a dull moment while Ober Gatlinburg Skiing.Exciting Ski Slopes
While visiting Gatlinburg, follow the Ober Gatlinburg sign into a world of excitement and fun.Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort and Amusement Park
The Ober Gatlinburg Ice Skating Is Open Year Around!Year Around Skating

Ober Gatlinburg is a Ski Resort and amusement park filled with loads of fun for every member of the family!  Enjoy year around ice-skating, shopping, dining, and more!  Spend an entire day experiencing this one-of-a-kind adventure that offers excitement from beginning to end.  The resort is broken into two levels.  The lower level is in downtown Gatlinburg where you'll find plenty of shopping and dining.  To get to the upper level where the amusements are, you must take the Areal Tramway to the top, or drive up Ski Mountain Road.  Personally, I recommend the tram because Ski Mountain Road is very steep and hard on the brakes!

ober gatlinburg is filled with excitement every season of the year!

SPRING is action-packed and filled with celebration and festivities here!  It's a time when the mountains come alive in beautiful shades of green!  There's flowers blooming, and birds singing!  It's a time of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior at the Ober Gatlinburg Easter Sunrise Service.  Thousands gather high upon the mountain to worship and praise God for sending His son to live upon our earth, shed His blood  on the cross for our sin, and resurrecting to new life so that we may have "new life" with Him.  Enjoy a "Spring Fling" with pond swimmings, jump competitions, food, drinks, and more.  Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Become involved in the 5k Uphill Run to raise money for the area Boys & Girls Clubs.  May Fest, with it's lovely flowers and events are the perfect way to celebrate the beauty that comes with spring!

WINTER is the most popular time of the year!  People come from all over the world to enjoy skiing in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  As a general rule, the ski slopes open in early to mid December, and close in early to mid March depending upon the weather.  Slopes range from the smallest to the most challenging.  Whether your're a professional skier, or just a beginner, Ober Gatlinburg has accommodations to fit your needs.  If you're not into skiing, you've got to go snow tubing.  It's 90 minutes of snow-sliding fun that keeps you laughing!  Because this sport is so popular, it's important to buy tickets early (especially on weekends and during holidays) to avoid delays.  Tickets can be purchased at the street level of the resort, or up on the mountain level.

SUMMER is a spectacular time to visit Ober Gatlinburg!  Take a break from the summer heat and go ice skating!  Hold on tight for a thrill ride on the Mountain Coaster!  With speeds up to 25 miles per hour, there's enough  zig-zags, dips, and turns to keep the excitement going from beginning to end.  Test your climbing skills on the rock wall!  There are three water slides, a mini golf course, a carousel, an arcade, a fun-time maze, and a chair lift to enjoy those amazing mountain views.   

FALL is an amazing time of the year!  If you've ever heard Dolly Parton sing "God's Coloring Book" and imagined beautifully brightly-colored splashes of paint splattered over the mountains as far as the eye can see, then you would know how magnificent it looks around here!  And Ober Gatlinburg has the BEST views!  Because these vibrant colors are something everyone wants to see, the mountains become really crowded!  It's so much easier to climb aboard the tram and sail over the colors!  And when you arrive on top, the beauty of fall is surrounding you!  The fall foliage seems to burst with color through the lens of the Color-Blind Less Viewer.  Enjoy special events like OctoberFest and bluegrass music, the Back and Blue Back Rail Jam Competition, and more.

The Ober Gatlinburg Alpine Slide is a blast!Alpine Slide
Wildlife Encounter
The Ober Gatlinburg Tram is the best way to get to the amusements on the mountain.Ober Gatlinburg Tramway
The Ober Gatlinburg Mall offers you a fun-filled day of shopping!Shopping Malls

Every season is the best season to visit Ober Gatlinburg!  From taking a wild ride down the mountain on the Alpine Slide to seeing the live animals inside the Wildlife Encounter, it will be adventure you will always remember!   For more information call 1-865-375-5400.