Great pet-toys-playtime is most exciting time for your petPhoto Courtesy: Marilyn Tunaitis

"Wow!  Pet Toys! many toys! So little play time! Which one should I choose to play with first?"

This question appears to be what the dog in the photo is asking.  It can be a tough decision for your pet unless the two of you decide together on which toy is best.  There are so many to choose from!  New pet toys are being introduced on a regular basis.  Before you pack your pet's bag for a Smoky Mountain Vacation, take your pet shopping for that "perfect" plaything.  Let's take a look at what's on the market.

Pet Toys For Dogs How Do You Choose The Right One?

Like small children pets enjoy something they can cuddle.  Plush toys could become a best friend and maybe even offer security.  I had a collie who loved dolls!  He huddled closely with his doll, and handled it with care. On a couple occasions he found himself at neighboring garage sales where he'd grab a doll for himself  and take off!  It was easier to pay for the doll than it was to catch Lindsey.

While shopping, introduce your dog to several toys and take note of their reaction.  It will help you figure out which ones are favored, and which ones aren't.  The first toy I bought for my dog Kacee was squeaky.  She hated it and immediately ran away in fear.  On the other hand, the squeakers may be the perfect choice if you're pet isn't afraid. Putting your pet to the test is a great way to know what he/she will enjoy.

So why do those animals who like squeaky toys like them so much?  It has to do with instinct.  The squeakers may sound like a mouse to a cat, or a squirrel to a dog.  Most likely your pet may destroy the toy quickly because the noise makes it feels as though it is attacking its prey.  Whatever the "Squeaky" creates inside the mind of your pet, it will have fun for as long as it lasts!

How about a game of "Tug of War?"  Dogs of most any size are usually up for a good challenge if they like to play the game.  These toys have a tendency to be strong and last longer.  There are several types of "tug of war" toys from ropes to wool.  You'll also find several different sizes.     

Have you ever owned a dog who gnaws everything?  My dog Tiara would be thrilled with ripping up every electrical cord in the house.  Gnawers seem to become Gnawers from the moment they're born.  So whatever you find that can be chewed to bits will be OK with your dog.  Whether its purchased from a pet supply store, or ends up being an old shoe, your gnawing pet will be happy!  Just be sure it's safe and durable with no rough edges.  If your dog becomes bored with it's favorite chew toy, just  turn the toy into a treat by dabbing something good on it like peanut butter, or grease it up with the smell of chicken, pork, or beef. 

Because there is so much in the way of pet toys to choose from, it's important to know which are safe for your pet. pet supplies wholesale store,pet supplies online.  The Humane Society has excellent information on the subject.  

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