Bring plenty of pet-treats for your dog if you plan to bring it with you as you vacation in the Smoky Mountains

Pet important commodity to pack in your pet's suitcase when vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Why?  Because treating your pet communicates positive reinforcement.  Sure these  goodies show an expression of love, but treats also contribute to good behavior.  

Keep treats with you at all time when traveling with your pet.  A change in environment can make your pet nervous, or excited.  A little refreshment will help calm your pet and to stay in a more submissive state.  

Many hotels and cabins in the area offer pet accommodations.  When leaving an animal alone be sure to leave plenty of food and water.  Giving your dog, or cat a snack when you return is a good way to show the animal you're glad to be back.  Offering your pet a little delicacy between meals is healthy for the pet, and it's one of the best time to give a treat.  Keep in mind that your pet's diet should contain only 5 to 10 percent of your pet's diet.


Your pet will do most anything for a treat!  However, it's good to have training sessions a few hours after the animal has eaten.  Something yummy will be fine however, if you sense boredom, you'll want to have a treat your pet loves to get to the end of the session.  Keep your pet guessing by letting the nose follow your hand.  Once your dog realizes what you have, give the command in your natural voice.  If your pet obeys, he/she has earned the treat.

How do you know which treats are best?  One great source is the Veterinarian.  They will offer sound advice that are the most healthy, and which kind of treat is best for it's breed.  If you don't have your Vet's phone number with you, there are several pet supply stores that can help you choose the right treat for your pet.  Keep in mind that treats made specifically for your pet is healthier than human food treats.  People food has a tendency to cause allergies in pets, and could even possibly make them sick.  Don't ever give a dog chocolate!  It can be fatal!  

Never feed your pet foods like grapes, raisins, onions, cherries, mushrooms, raw potatoes, avocados, or apricots!  They are considered toxic and could be fatal, or make your pet very sick!

Pet treats come in all shapes and sizes.  When choosing your pet's treat, do the research and find the treat that is perfect for your pet.  When God blessed us with our pets, he blessed us with love that expects nothing in return.  Give good pet treats and reap great rewards!  Need suggestions?  Pinterest has a listing of delicious treats and great ideas for pets.

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