Salvation Army Store has lots of merchandise and gifts at low prices.SALVATION ARMY

It's such a delight to shop with the folks at the Salvation Army!  This thrift store is filled with  an "army" of trinkets and treasures you'll enjoy rummaging through!   From brand name clothing to dishes, and shoes, you'll find cool "stuff for everyone!"  Treat the family without breaking the bank!  And as you do so, remember you are helping a very worthy cause!  This thrift shop is all about raising funds to help those who have an inability to deal with difficult life situations and provide for themselves.  When you think "shopping" remember to shop The Salvation Army and give to someone else as you help yourself!


BARGAIN HUNTERS UNITE!!!  Treasures From The Heart thrift shop has two levels filled with BARGAINS GALORE!   Enjoy rummaging through racks of brand name clothing, hats, bags, furniture, electronics, and more!  You name it, and most likely, they'll have it!  You may even manage to dig up a nice souvenir or two here!  Treasures of the Heart raises funds for the Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries.  This ministry supports the poor and needy in the Smoky Mountain area.  In the name of Jesus, they give to those who otherwise, may not be able to help themselves. For more information about this ministry, or to volunteer, call (865) 908-3372.      


The Goodwill is centrally located across from Kroger Grocery in Sevierville. Like The Salvation Army, this huge store has most everything you're looking for.  It's fun to browse and see what unique items you'll end up with!   The Goodwill always has a great bargain in clothes.  Some with store tags still attached.  Someone once told me if you're familiar with brand name clothing, you can dress very expensively at low cost by shopping Goodwill, and it's true!   One Sunday morning as I was working, our secretary popped in. She had just come from church and dropped by to pick up something.  Her outfit was beautiful!  When I complimented her on how nice she looked, she thanked me, then told me how she'd bought most everything at Goodwill!  I was amazed!  She mentioned each item - from her sophisticated hat to her stylish shoes-telling me the cost of each item.  When she had finished we calculated the grand total to be about $10!  She loved bargain-hunting, and mentioned Goodwill as one of her all-time favorite shopping venues.  Goodwill carries large selections of dishes, toys, electronics, bedding, bags, shoes, and more.  You really just don't know what you'll find until you shop the Goodwill Store.  

Whether you shop Salvation Army, or one of these other fabulous Sevierville thrift shops, you're sure to come away with a smile and an arm load of bargains! 

At the same time you're giving to the worthy cause of helping others. It's a "win-win!"   As far as flea markets go, Smoky Mountain Flea Market and Flea Traders Paradise has some of the best shopping these mountains have to offer!  So what are you waiting for???  "Bag a Bargain" at Salvation Army, or one of the other bargain centers!  It's a a fun-filled day of shopping in Sevierville, TN you'll never forget!