titanic christmas
and winter celebration

Titanic Museum Grand Staircase

Titanic Christmas and Winter Celebration is a magical time to visit this state-of-the-art museum!  The ship is beautifully decorated with colorful trees and light that rings in the true spirit of Christmas!  It's a special time of the year for children with eyes aglow as they spend time and take photos with one of Santa's live reindeer!  Who knows??  Jolly "Old St. Nick" just might come down from the North Pole and say "Hello" to all the good little boys and girls who are anxious to see him!   

Christmas is a beautiful time to tour the museum and admire it's lovely structure.  The  whole Titanic crew is dressed in festive attire spreading joy and holiday cheer!  Walking about the ship and admiring the splendor of twinkling lights, fancy garland, gigantic Christmas trees and colorful wreaths will make fill your heart with a warm holiday spirit.

The Titanic Christmas and Winter Celebration is an exceptional time of the year to honor all those who lost their lives on the Original Titanic ship that made it's maiden voyage in 1912.  More than 1500 people that included 133 children lost their lives.  If this tragedy had not happened and years of Christmas celebrations had taken place on this great passenger ship, how might she have looked?  Come take a glimpse at what may have been!  Behold the magnificence of more than $100,000 of dazzling decorations!  Come Aboard! Celebrate the birth of Christ!   Honor those who passed away by showing tribute through remembering one tragic night over 100 years ago.

titanic christmas and winter celebration includes huge fireworks display!

The Titanic Christmas and Winter Celebration hosts an annual fireworks display and dynamic light show on the night of Thanksgiving!  It's a night of excitement for the entire family!  From year to year different events are planned!  Come participate in this "one-of-a-kind" holiday that is sure to be a big hit for everyone.

The Titanic Christmas Winter Celebration is held annually between November 10th and December 31st. Parking is free, as are the outdoor events!  However, if you would like to participate in doing indoor activities during the Titanic Christmas and Winter Celebration, Tickets are available for purchase.  Special events are welcome!  If you want to celebrate with a Christmas party,  birthday party, wedding, etc...you may plan your event with this attraction!  For more information contact the Titanic museum at 1-800-381-7670.