Bible College Students enjoy retreating to the mountains for their study!

Looking for a good Bible College?  The Great Smoky Mountains, located in the center of the "Bible Belt" is the perfect choice for your  continued Christian education.  Neighboring counties located at the Foothills of the Smokies offer several institutions of higher learning!  They have an excellent curriculum, and are situated in what a lot of folks like to call "God's Country!"

This Bible College classmate has much to look forward to spiritually while attending school near the Smokies.

COVENANT COLLEGE is a Bible College that borders Georgia and Tennessee!  It's 400-acre campus sits high atop Lookout Mountain, Georgia!  See magnificent views of the Great Smoky Mountains and seven other states!     The drive to Chattanooga (home of the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo) is only 15 minutes away!  Excellent internship opportunities are offered,  along with a fine core Curriculum in Undergraduate and Graduate programs.  For more information, contact Covenant College Academic Affairs at  Phone:706.419.1121 Fax:706.820.2165.

The Great Smoky Mountains offers an excellent selection of bible college windows of learning

THE CROWN COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE is a Baptist institution located in Powell, Tn.  approximately 1 -1/2 hours away from the Great Smoky Mountains.  This school was started in 1991 and has an excellent reputation in high academic standards.  Their goal is to train students to divide Scripture, interpret, and apply the truth to their lives and touch the lives of others.  It has numerous Bible study programs to choose from!  These areas of study are designed to challenge students as they receive spiritual training to be equipped with the preparation needed to do God's will. Whether it be serving in the ministry, business, or education, The Crown of the Bible prepares students to follow God's will for their lives.  For more information, contact The Crown College of the Bible by dialing 1-877-My Crown.

Bible College students work hard in the Smokies!

JOHNSON UNIVERSITY has been known as a Bible College leader since 1893.  They have a campus in Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as Central Florida, and Online.  Their mission is to "equip individuals for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations to extend the kingdom of God."  Johnson University works with other organizations to ensure excellent preparation as they learn new ways to impact our world spiritually.  This Bible College works with students to receive affordable tuition through the financial support of donors.  These are people who believe in this institution and the importance of leadership in a Christian setting.   Contact Johnson University by calling the main office at 865.573.4517, or the Admissions Office at 1-800.827.2122.

The Smoky Mountains Bible College Classroom has lots to offer!

Carson Newman University is located 28 miles northeast of Knoxville in Jefferson City, TN.  With the Great Smoky Mountains National Park only 30 minutes away, it's the perfect place for a Christian-based education.  This Christian liberal arts-based University's vision is to be the choice of the Southeast for education and service.  Their mission is to help students reach their full potential as educated citizens and world-wide servant leaders.  This college is known for it's affirmation of faith based upon teachings of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Salvation.  

Carson Newman University is my Alma Mater!  From "first-hand" experience I can tell you it's a great school with excellent Christian values!  They offer a state-of-the-art curriculum!  Their football and sports program is "top of the line!"  Dolly Parton holds an honorary degree from Carson Newman University, and her niece was one of my classmates!  According to Washington Monthly, Carson-Newman University ranks #7 in the country!