I've written Christian books for children.  These small paperbacks are the perfect size for little hands.  Stories that inspire children to seek the Lord in prayer, and encourage young readers in Christian living.


"A Home For Mylee" is a story about a dog who is taught to pray and with faith believing has those prayers answered.  It's available in both English and Spanish versions.

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Little Mylee is needing a home.  The pup has lost all hope of finding a family until a bird called "Farrow the Sparrow" tells Mylee about the God who created her.  He explains how much God loves Mylee and teaches her to talk to Him through prayer.  Mylee is amazed to find there is someone far greater than all of earth's creation willing to help her with the seemingly impossible task of finding a loving family.  Through prayer, Mylee learns valuable lessons in believing Christ and trusting the almighty God to take care of her needs.

The Dogwood Legend

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God loves children!  So much so that He gave His own son to suffer and die upon a cross!  This book is based upon the original Christian book "Dogwood Legend." It's written in rhyme and answers questions like; Where did the cross come from?  What was it made of? According to legend it has to do with a huge tree known as the Dogwood.  What did God do to make sure this tree would never again be used to build another cross?  What does this legend teach us about the true meaning of Easter?  Find these answers and more inside this age old tale that explains in plain words what the holiday is really all about.


The family is planning a celebration without Christ until the "house" mouse comes along with the family Bible and explains what Christmas is really all about.

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As the mouse reads the old, old story, Daddy's eyes are opened!  He sees the spirit of Christmas as never before! He comes to understand the true meaning while hearing about the birth of the baby Jesus.He becomes so excited, he wants to share this miracle story with everyone! He has learned this valuable lesson just in time to put "Christ" back into the family's Christmas celebration and be rid of "X-Mas for good!