Exciting For Everyone!

This Gatlinburg Collage shows many of the exciting things to do.

Once you've experienced Gatlinburg Tennessee, you’ll see what I mean. Believe me, it truly is a “one of a kind” place to be! There is so much fun in just walking through town eating your favorite snack and browsing through the shops.  You'll find unique gifts, and lots of unusual things that you won't see anywhere else!   There are lots of restaurants on the strip, along with fudge shops, foot long corn dogs, pizza, ice cream, and just about every other "yummy" thing you can think of to eat!

People from all over the world love to come here! Not only for great shopping, but for dining at fine restaurants,, eating fast food, enjoying quality entertainment, and admiring the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


The Gatlinburg Gateway to the Smokies has a lot to offer in the way of lovely mountain views!

Planning a drive through the mountains?  One of the best routes is through the city of Gatlinburg.  After passing the main thoroughfare, continue straight into the gateway that takes you up into the beautiful Smoky Mountains!  The sign in this photo is a popular spot to have a picture taken.  


Gatlinburg hotels, condos, and cabins are all excellent selections for sleeping while visiting the city.Photo Courtesy: Gatlinburg's Hilton Garden Inn

Relaxation is at its best when you're resting in a beautiful hotel suite like the Gatlinburg Hilton Garden Inn.,  Live like royalty while staying in luxurious accommodations!  Hotel, and resort lodging are at their best with amenities for a comfortable stay. Choose low cost lodging, or luxury suites! 


You'll enjoy dining here.  All the area restaurants have great food!  There is a broad range from chains to fast food.  Some are unique with a theme of their own, while others are popular names you'll recognize.  Most are accommodating for families.   A wide range of choices include burgers, steaks, seafood, and country cooking.  


The city of Gatlinburg has everything to offer in the way of shopping!!Downtown Gatlinburg

The shops are amazing!  There are lots of unique "finds" you won't see anywhere else!   There are Christian stores, novelty shops, souvenirs,  gift shops,  cooking stores, craft stands, and unique "one-of-a-kind items.  You're sure to come away with something you you just can't live without.


Lots of Gatlinburg sporting events happen at Rocky Top Sports World.

Rocky Top Sports World is home to sporting events from all across the southeast!  This indoor/outdoor facility has excellent fields and stadiums for most sports.  It's a great place to play a tournament or to schedule a youth sports camp.  For more information, or to plan an event, you can give them a call by calling (865) 325-0044.

If you're looking for


One of the most popular things to do is to cruise through town in a rental vehicle.  As you can see, some unusual "wheels" can be spotted!  There are lots of different rides to choose from including motorcycles, and jeeps.

If you don't want to drive the city, the Gatlinburg Trolley is the perfect way to get around!

If traffic becomes to much to handle, there's always the trolley. It's a great way to tour the city! There are several areas to park your car, and hop a trolley to take you to all the exciting adventures! Designated Trolley stops are located throughout the downtown area. When you're ready to leave, a trolley stop is always close by, and a trolley is available every few minutes.

The greatest thing about visiting here is being surrounded by the beautiful mountains!  Breathe fresh air, enjoy laughter with loved ones, and relax in experiencing the kind of serenity you won't find anywhere else.  You'll love the exciting things to do here including horseback riding, camping, hiking, waterfalls, wildlife sightseeing, motor tours, and more!  

Would you like to know more about this unique town?  The area's Chamber of Commerce has excellent information on it's history, and culture!  No matter now you look at it, this little valley at the foot of the Smoky Mountains is one exciting place to visit!

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