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 Dukes of Hazzard “Smoky Mountain Style”

A Dukes of Hazzard cast member sighting is always a possibility here in the Smoky Mountains!  Every once in awhile the famous General Lee is spotted going down the highway blowing its "Dixie" horn.

Meeting Ben Jones from the Dukes of Hazzard was a fun thing to do in Gatlinburg.

A “must see” for every fan is Cooter’s Place in Gatlinburg!  Ben Jones who played the character of “Crazy Cooter” really does own the place! If you’re really lucky, you might even see him here!  I've met him, and I must say he’s really a great guy! Cooter’s Place is the kind of hang-out where you bring the whole family and have a ball. It's about racing General Lee Go Carts on an indoor slick track good for 40 laps. These racers can move up to 23 mph!  There's an indoor mini golf course, and lots of Collector's Paraphernalia for sale.

 Cooter's Place is an excellent spot for school retreats!  Celebrate a birthday!   Groups are always welcome!  There are even vacation packages available.  For more information, or to make reservations, call Cooter’s Place at (865) 430-9909.


Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider has been to the Smoky Mountains area on several occasions.Me with "Bo" John Schneider
Dukes of Hazzard star Byron Cherry was spotted at a local Hardees Restaurant signing autographs.Coy Duke
The Dukes of Hazzard star who played the character "Cletus" comes periodically to Cooter's Place.Ben "Cletus" Hurst
Daisy Duke played by Dukes of Hazzard star Catherine Bach was found at a festival in Pigeon Forge.Me and Catherine "Daisy" Duke

John Schneider has been spotted in the General Lee driving the streets of Sevier County!  He was also known for doing donuts inside the Governor's Crossing area! John, along with his co-star Tom Wopat did a concert in Dollywood a few years back.  John visited the Muscle Car Museum in Sevierville with his mom.  When I caught up with these two, John was posing by one of the cars on display.  I noticed his hand on the car right near the small sign that read "Do Not Touch."  When I pointed it out to John, and suggested he remove his hand, he grabbed up the sign, and posed with it too! (Go figure...LOL)  And yet again, John appeared in a trade show at a Pigeon Forge convention center.  He hung around until the last autograph was signed.  Working as an entertainment reporter has given me several opportunities to interview John, and know him personally!  And ya know what??? HE'S A SUPER GREAT GUY....NO KIDDING!

BYRON CHERRY played the Dukes cousin after John Schneider and Tom Wopat left the show. The role of "Coy Duke was played by Byron Cherry. I met this guy here in the Smokies, and just fell in love with him! He laughs all the time, he refers to every woman he meets as Daisy Duke, and he loves a good Hardees' Hamburger!  While I visited with him at the Hardee's restaurant, he treated my sister and me to a hamburger, french fries and coke.  One of the funniest things I remember about Byron is while trying to use a friend's washing machine, he broke it.   While Byron visited the area, he met with fans, posed for photos, and signed autographs.  Everyone who came to see him left with a smile.

CATHERINE BACH aka "Daisy Duke" came by invitation of "Crazy Cooter" himself, Mr. Ben Jones. Everyone loves Daisy! This Dukes of Hazzard beauty stole hearts all over the Smoky Mountains area!   She signed autographs at Cooter's Place then made her way over to Patriot Park for an event that was being held there.  Catherine is a really sweet, down to earth girl, and a pleasure to talk with.  

RICK HURST played a hilarious cop on the show, and he's just as funny in person!  He enjoys meeting fans, and came to Cooter's Place on a pretty regular basis!  Everyone who was lucky enough to run into this guy had a great time chatting.  He's full of fun and personality!  Just like Cletus!!  I've noticed recently that Ben Hurst makes appearances every so often at Cooter's Place!  Hey, if you're lucky, you just might have the chance to meet this "Duke Star" in person! 


The Grand Majestic Theater's "Hazzard County Hoedown" is a real "Hoot!"  It's a comical tribute to the Dukes of Hazzard TV show that is filled with crazy antics and wild adventure!   The Dukes enter a talent contest to earn  money to pay off Uncle Jesse's so Boss Hogg can't get it.   While enjoying the stage production, you'll enjoy a full buffet that includes Chicken Tenders, Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Fried Okra, Marconi & Cheese, and a roll.  Enjoy soft drinks and Cheese Cake for dessert. The theater also as a concession stand that offers, candy, popcorn, and more.  For more information and showtimes call 1-865-774-7777.  The Grand Majestic Theater is located at 2330 Parkway in Pigeon Forge.  BUY TICKETS HERE!

Wanna have some fun "Duke-style?"  Test your knowledge!






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