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Check Out Some Of These Exciting Local Hikes!

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Hiking 101


Fontana to Twentymile

17 miles. 2 nights. 3 days.

Date: Sunday, November 12 - 14

Time: 9 a.m.

Location: Fontana Dam Visitor Center - North Carolina

We'll begin this epic journey on the north shore of Lake Fontana and the Appalachian Trail. Two nights and 17 miles later we'll be at the Twentymile ranger station. Only four spaces left, so grab your gear and a friend. Register before November 1 and receive $75 savings!

In Eastern North America lies some of the most beautiful mountains God ever created! Within these hills lie some of the best local hikes in the world with the famous Appalachian Trail being among them!

Before you get started, it's a good idea to make sure you've got the right footwear. 

the smokies is a great place for a nature-hike
nice nature-walk under the clouds

These "wilderness paths" are some of the Smokies' all-time favorite trails! 


awesome nature-hike view of the mountains

Cades Cove has been blessed with an endless list of hiking trails! And believe me, you'll find an exciting challenge at every level!  These trails can stretch out for miles. However, some are longer than others. For safety reasons, it's always important to choose the trail you want to hike. Get as much information about it as you can, and let someone know which trail you're hiking.  Dress comfortably, and carry a first aid kit, along with other hiking necessities, like a compass, and flashlight.


a nature-hike to clingmans dome

The observation tower remains the highest point at 6,625 ft (2,019 m) The view is spectacular with a 360 degree panoramic breathtakingly beautiful scene!  If you visit on a hazy day, you can see up to 20 miles away, but on a clear day, expect to see up to 100 miles of God's awesome handiwork!  Clingman Dome's road begins near NewFound Gap and stretches seven miles. There's at least seven additional back-packing venues in the area.  Though walking is a popular sport around here, however a paved road leading to Clingman's Dome remains closed during the winter months!  Clingman's Dome itself stands nearly 5,000 feet.


lets take a nature-hike to clingmans dome

The Appalachian Trail stretches through 13 U.S. states including Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, New york, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Connecticut.  Anyone can tell you there are beautiful local hikes to be experienced in every state! It's those who are faithful and determined that make the Appalachian Trail the famous world landmark that it is.  With 2,181 miles (3,510) across the United States, some known as thru-hikers attempt to walk the whole thing in a single season! Now that's commitment!!Bordering Tennessee and North Carolina, the Appalachian Trail intersects with the The Great Smoky Mountains National Park .You might consider me a "bit" prejudice since I live here, however, I believe the The Great Smoky Mountains National Park section of the Appalachian Trail is among the most lovely!

I've mentioned ONLY few of the countless nature hikes near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  If you love hiking/backpacking, these mountains offer more than your fair share of some of the best hiking in the US, and maybe even the world!  If your interested in hiking outside the Great Smoky Mountains, a great site to check out is