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Pigeon Forge Snow is the only snow tubing facility in the United States!

pigeon forge snow

Pigeon Forge Snow is an exciting winter-time snow tubing adventure that can be enjoyed any time of the year!  Rain or shine!  Summer or winter!  This unique attraction, made with 100% of real snow, is the only one of it's kind in the United States!  The entire family can enjoy a winter's day filled with fun in the Great Smoky Mountains area without feeling the "chill!"  Don't bring your coat, hat, or gloves here!  Temperatures inside this "Winter Wonderland" are 60-70 degrees!  

enjoy a mountain of winter fun at pigeon forge snow year around!

Every member of the family is sure to have a wonderful time romping in REAL SNOW all year around!  There's something here for every age group!   The most popular thing-to-do is racing down their 12-lane snow tubing ride featuring a 225 foot run with speeds up to 30 mph.  A moving catwalk takes riders and their tubes to the top for a thrill ride down the slopes!  There's a huge "Snow Play" area that lets guests enjoy all classic winter activities!  Have fun making snow angels, building snowmen and snow forts!  Enjoy a challenging snowball fight!  Become creative and come up with new ideas for playing in the snow.  

So how does one enjoy winter games in summer temperatures?  Pigeon Forge Snow uses state-of-the-art snow making technology that's a genuine fresh powder substance instead of using synthetic materials.  It's made from 100% pure water with no additives of any kind.  It's unique patented process to make snow just as real and authentic as real snow!

Pigeon Forge Snow is open year around!  So, any time you get "the itch" to play in the snow, just do it!  You don't have to make reservations.  Just show up and have a ball!  There's never an entrance fee, just have a ticket and you're ready to go!  There is an upper deck area for spectators and parents who want to watch their kids "zip" down the slopes.  Relax, enjoy a snack, or soft drink while you're watching.  

Participating guests must be 3 years old, and/or at least 38 inches tall.  Only one rider per snow tube allowed.  Pigeon Forge Snow is located at 2533 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge. Other attractions nearby include The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel, and The Island.  For more information, or DISCOUNT TICKETS CLICK HERE!





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