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pirates voyage dinner show

During Pirates Voyage Blackbeard the famous pirate brings others to their needs in his evil feats for the gold.
The Pirates Voyage Theater sits in the heart of Pigeon Forge
The Pirates Voyage acrobats perform lots of daring feats throughout the show!

Pirates Voyage is a circus-like dinner show production filled with amazing mermaids, acrobats, divers, trampoline performers, animals and more!   Blackbeard, the world's most famous pirate and his quarter master, Calico Jack go head-to-head with the audience and stage performers who battle on land, on deck, and in the water!  The theater is divided into two teams: The Crimson and Sapphire.  Blackbeard reluctantly asks the audience to stand at our seats as we're being sworn in as pirates.  While the pirates "duke" it out for the sunken treasure of Davey Jones, the audience watch in amazement while enjoying a delicious 4-course meal!  But at the same time, we're cheering our teams on to victory!  

the pirates voyage is to  'go for the gold! '

The suspense deepens as an intense battle arises with canons firing, sword fighting, and rope swinging.  Pirates are seen attacking each other before high-diving from the ship's deck into the 15-foot indoor lagoon.  As the battle intensifies, and the audience groans, a raging fire sweeps through the lagoon!  A strong storm approaches as skeletons appear from the skies and from the water as the battle pursues.  While no pirates are seen on board the ship's deck, a young lady with her adorable sea lion, "Salty" climbs aboard.  As they search for the gold, an amazing act by "Salty"  takes place.  

Beautiful mermaids suspended in mid-air perform gracefully to a song recorded by Dolly Parton.  It's a beautiful presentation inside falling waters before the mermaids disappear back into the deep.   The trampoline show is both daring, and exciting.  The high jumps and and daring feats are breath-taking. The dogs do their part in racing to see which one can retrieve the ball from the water first.   Members are chosen from the audience to compete in challenging games.   The grand finale is both wild and extravagant!   The entire Pirates Voyage cast gathers for one of the grandest performances you've ever seen!  You just have to see it for yourself!    As a matter of fact, the entire show is awesome from beginning to end!

The delicious 4-course pirate's feast is served at the beginning of the show and is included in the show price.   This meal includes:

  • Voyager Creamy Soup
  • Bone-In Pork Chop
  • Cracklin' Pan-Fried Chicken, 
  • Jolly Roger Sweet Potato Souffle
  • Matey's Mac 'n Cheese
  • Buccaneer Biscuit
  • Walk the Plank Peach Turnover
  • Choice of Coca-cola, Tea, or Coffee

For more information and DISCOUNT TICKETS for this family fun-filled adventure click on this link:   This theater is handicap accessible.  It's equipped with arena-style seats so there are lots of steps.  Free parking is available.  A huge gift shop is located inside the front of the theater for shopping.  Face painting is available for children.  Photos are taken at the entrance of the show for purchase.  

The Pirates Voyage Crimson Team was the winner of the night!
This Pirates Voyage Mermaid guards the gold after a big win!
Pirates Voyage Grand Finale is filled with color and excitement!

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