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bring your FAIRY-TALE wedding to life with a smoky mountain wedding!

One of life's most beautiful heartsongs lie eternally inside the gateway of true love by being married in the Great Smoky Mountains!  Two people coming together as one: a miracle from God's own hand! Getting married in "God's Country" is a magnificent way to start your new lives together.Turn your special day into a Smoky Mountain Wedding.   Planning your Smoky Mountain dream wedding is so exciting!  The Smokies has to be one of the largest marriage/honeymoon capitols of the world! I see cars driving by with the words "Just Married" sprayed in the back windshield and side windows A WHOLE LOT! Some with blowing horns and dragging cans, while others move quietly along in their own little "world of love!"

carriage for smoky-mountain-wedding
smoky-mountain-wedding couple
smoky-mountain-wedding sugarland

Let your Smoky Mountain wedding begin with a romantic horse and carriage ride

There is nothing more beautiful than a romantic ride through Pigeon Forge on a horse and buggy by Heritage Carriage Rides! These lovely carriages are decorated in festive white lights and flowers. You'll enjoy creating beautiful lifetime memories sitting cozily next to the one you love! Heritage Carriage Rides decorate their carriages for every occasion! For more information, call Heritage Carriage Rides at (865) 365-5130.  Because getting married is so popular here, we have beautiful chapels everywhere designed especially for a lovely Smoky Mountain Wedding. You have wonderful selections in the most popular of the Smoky Mountain cities, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg!

There are small chapels, and larger ones. Some built to look like the old time country church. Others more modern, while still others are little log cabin churches. From simple to elegant, you'll have the wedding of your dreams right here in the Great Smoky Mountains!  Another grand setting for marriage also sits in the heart of Gatlinburg. .....It's SUGARLANDS WEDDING CHAPEL. You will be married by a church-ordained minister in a beautiful candlelight ceremony and enjoy traditional wedding music.  The leaded stained glass windows and antique church pews create the ideal wedding site as you say your vows before God, family, and friends.

Most chapels offer packages.  This way you get the whole "kit-n-caboodle" rolled into one!

. There's the renting of the chapel, the minister, photographs, and in some cases, honeymoon accommodations. Marriage counseling is also available! You can choose to have a coordinator, and plan a beautiful reception afterwards.   You choose your package. These offer more, or less, depending upon your bundle. Believe me, it's much easier to do it this way rather than trying to do everything yourself. And it's less expensive! Remember, you're creating a very special "Heartsong" here, and you don't need a lot of stress!  Would you prefer an outdoor ceremony? With a "backdrop" like the Great Smoky Mountains?  Who wouldn't? Many chapels here have outdoor wedding accommodations.  Whether you choose to get married high on the mountain top, in the garden, or inside a chapel, the most beautiful way to start your new lives together is in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains.






At Smoky Mountain Heartsong our desire is to help you plan the perfect vacation and feel the presence of God as you experience His awesome creation!!  We'll show you exciting places, share ideas, and offer helpful tips so that you'll be in-the-know  about everything that happens here!  

Come To Me, All Ye That Labour And Are Heavy Laden, And I Will Give You Rest. - Matthew 11:28