Once you get into Gatlinburg start looking for an Anakeesta sign!


ANAKEESTA - A word from the Cherokee that refers to higher ground, or "the place of the balsams.  In Gatlinburg it's a 70-acre aerial adventure park filled with tree top canopy walks, concessions, gift shops, zip lines, and the most beautiful views this area has to offer!  

If you prefer to ride with a group, the Anakeesta Gondola holds up to six people.
Ride high atop the Gatlinburg Mountains in the Anakeesta Chair Lift.

This family-fun park is filled with adventure beginning with getting there!  It's a unique experience that begins downtown Gatlinburg.  You'll climb aboard  a Chondola quad chairlift for a 20 minute ride up the mountain.  There are a couple choices here.  There's the regular ski lift type chairs, or you can choose to ride an enclosed gondola that seats 6 people.  


Once inside Anakeesta burned trees surround the area.

Immediately upon arriving, in the near distance you'll spot the most heartwarming, yet stirring area of Anakeesta, The "Memorial Forest Walk." it's an outdoor tribute to the Gatlinburg fires of November 2016!  Standing among the burned trees are podiums filled  with photos and information of the occurrences of that unfateful night.  Read testimonies of those who lost everything!  Find how their faith in God brought them through this terrible ordeal and how they were able to praise the wonderful name of Jesus!  

Enjoy visiting this lovely Anakeesta village
This Anakeesta gift shop is filled with souvenirs!
The Anakeesta Swinging bridge is actually 16 smaller bridges connected.

As you move on, the whole family will enjoy Firefly Village, A tree-house village, and a canopy walk 50 feet in the air and includes 16 swinging bridges.  Enjoy unique shops filled with unusual gifts.  Savor a delicious hot/cold drink and a snack as you appreciate everything there is to offer here.

Zip Lining Is An Anakeesta Favorite!

Enjoy Anakeesta Zip Lines which also includes a couple of bungees!

Zip Lining is popular here!  The "Dueling Zip Line Adventure" sends you reeling across some of the Smoky Mountain's most scenic views.  Zip above the tree tops side by side with family, or friends.  This ride stretches over a thousand feet long! You're sure to bump into challenges along the way like perhaps, a bungee jump, or two!  When the ride is over,  the Chondola brings you back into the park.  

The Anakeesta view of Gatlinburg is a
After you get to the top of Anakeesta relaxing amidst the mountain tops is an extraordinary treat!
If you think the view of the mountains are pretty from the city of Gatlinburg, wait until you see the Anakeesta view!

The most amazing views in the area are seen from this park!  The mountain peaks  are truly magnificent, while the entire city of Gatlinburg stands honorably in all her glory!  Once you've experienced this one-of-a-kind adventure, you'll want to come back time and again. Why??  Because this is the one place you can relax and take pleasure in the Smoky Mountains in a new, and exciting way....The Anakeesta Way!!!!

Pricing is budget friendly!  Cost for the entire day is as follows:

  • Adults - $19.99
  • Seniors - $17.99 (60 & Older)
  • Children - $15.99
  • Children under 3 get in free!
  • Group Rates are also available upon request

The admission price includes includes the Chondola ride, elevated 16-bridge Tree Canopy Walk, Tree house Village Playground, The Memorial Forest Walk, and Firefly Village.  

There is an additional charge for Zip Lining.  Each zip is a thousand feet in length.  These dueling Zip Lines soar from two stations. Descend a controlled 60-feet before landing onto cushioned platforms.  You must be at least 7 years old to Zip Line, and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  The weight minimum is 70 pounds, while the maximum weight is 270 pounds.   

  • Adults - $29.99
  • Seniors - $27.99
  • Children - $25.99

The cost for a second trip on the Zip Lines is $14.99.