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anakeesta - a unique gatlinburg adventure

Anakeesta Ziplines are quite a challenge and lots of fun!
If you're uncomfortable riding the Chairlift, the Anakeesta Gondola is the perfect choice for going to the top.
Follow this Anakeesta sign to an exciting adventure high above Gatlinburg!
At Anakeesta relaxing is one of the things to do best!
The Anekeesta chairlift is an adventurous way to reach the top!


Anakeesta is a unique attraction that sits high above the city of Gatlinburg.   It's the perfect place to take the family and enjoy a thrilling outdoor adventure.  Experience a day zip-lining, shopping, walking across the gigantic swinging bridge,  or just relaxing and becoming mystified by the spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains

There are several ways to travel up the mountain to Anakeesta.  The most popular way is to take the 20 minute ride up the mountain by chairlift, or the Gondola.  Either way, it's a fascinating ride.  The chairlift is open and creates the best opportunity for photo taking, however, if you have small children, or you're a little "giddy" about heights, you'll feel more secure in the Gondola.  Also, Anakeesta just added a road that leads to the top of the mountain for those who elect not to ride either of these.  The adventure begins as you enter through Firefly Village!  From there, you'll find a "mountain" of things to do!

If you're into mountain coasters, the Rail Runner is just the challenge you're looking for!  Small children love exploring Treehouse Village!  Everyone enjoys moving across the Treetop Skybridge which stands 40'-60 feet above the forest floor!  At almost 900 feet long, it's a great way to get your daily walk in!  If you'd rather fly, buy tickets and move through the mountains on the Dueling Zip line Adventure.  You can choose to glide alone, or race a friend.  Views are spectacular as you zip on over 1,000-foot zipline that stands 125 feet above the ground.  The most amazing thing about Anakeesta is standing upon land that actually burned during the Gatlinburg Wildfires of 2016.  A beautiful walk-through tribute now stands where these mountains had once burned.   See Photos of destroyed homes and read testimonies of those who experienced the horror of that terrible night lift up praise and Thanksgiving to God for sparing their lives and protecting their loved ones.  

After a day filled with play and exploration, Anakeesta is the perfect place to enjoy a time of relaxation.  Mountain views are spectacular and especially beautiful as the sun begins to set!  It's a wonderful time to sit back and think about the wonder of our God and feel His power as we admire His magnificent creation!    Treat yourself at the Smokehouse BBQ food truck for delicious BBQ, hot drinks, and pastries.  Enjoy delicious ice cream at Pearl's Pie in the Sky, or have a feast at Anakeesta's mountaintop restaurant.  After spending a spectacular day here, taking the chairlift, or Gondola back down the mountain is a perfect way to kick back while enjoying a  "bird's eye" view of Gatlinburg.  

Anakeesta is a perfect way to discover the magic of the mountains.  The park is located on 70 acres of forest land high above the city.   For more information about this exciting park and/or purchase discount tickets, CLICK HERE!  






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