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Beyond the lens

At Beyond The Lens Diana's crash and facts about the accident are on display.What Really Happened To Princess Diana?
Go Behind The Scenes With Beyond The Lens Hollywood.Go Inside Hollywood!
Beyond The Lens Goes Into Space For The Real Story Behind Man On The Moon.Landing On The Moon
Taking A Trip "Beyond The Lens" is like WOW!Never A Dull Moment!

Take a trip "Beyond The Lens" and explore the lives of the rich, the famous, and so much more!   This interactive attraction takes you into the world of mystery, top news stories, and entertainment gossip.  Take an  inside look at television and the big screen as you never seen before! Read amazing celebrity stories going back 90 years as told by the popular tabloid, "The National Enquirer."   From the moment you step through the huge Paparazzi camera entrance way, you move into another world filled with interactive games, mystery, and loads of fun!  

beyond the lens is a museum filled with interesting exhibits the whole family will enjoy!

Your adventure Beyond The Lens begins as you walk through a gigantic Kaleidoscope filled with beautiful designs and colors!  On the other side, the the paparazzi stands ready to take YOUR picture!  From beginning to end there are interactive games, photo opportunities, and amazing exhibits like the Alien Ball Pit, the Ultimate Augmented Reality Experience, Conspiracies Discovered, Bigfoot Research Facility, and #InstaGold.  You and your friends will have a blast on Beyond the Len's monstrous "Circle A Word" puzzle board!  See if you can find the differences in the "Photo Match Game" before your time runs out!  Answer trivia questions about celebrity favorites like Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson.  Which celebrities will you recognize on the Beyond the Lens "Wall of Shame?"   Find out interesting information about the O.J. Simpson trial!  Check the highlights of the JFK conspiracy!  Look into why Princess Diana's relationship with the media was so complicated.  See a map showing the route she took the night of her car accident.  Trophies won by Jon Benet Ramsey and one of her beautiful little pageant dresses are on display here!  Take a look at Scott Peterson's boat!   Stand behind a podium much like the ones Rev. Billy Graham preached behind.  Pose for a photo with an alien! 

At Beyond the Lens Jon Benet Ramsey's trophies, personal drawings, and a pageant dress are all on display.Tiny Model Jon Benet Ramsey Display
Face an exciting challenge while playing this Beyond The Lens Laser Game!Virtual Reality Laser Game
This Beyond The Lens Photo Booth Allows You Put Your Photo and Personal Headline on the Cover of National Enquirer.Create Your Own National Enquirer Headline!
Beyond The Lens Bubble Balls will show you a "bouncing" good time!Having A Blast In The Bubbles

Have a blast as you accept the challenge of the musical virtual reality game.   The adventure begins as a mask is placed onto your eyes.  You're given two laser beams before choosing a song from the music board.  As you follow the beat, red and blue blocks fly towards you!  It's your job to use the laser swords and destroy these blocks.  The more you defeat, the higher your score!   Then, there are the "Bubbles!"  It's actually clear plastic balls in a humongous room!  Adults and children just jump right in!  There's a tenancy to sink to the bottom!  So watch may find yourself involved in another challenge just trying to get out!   Don't miss the opportunity to take this trip!  I guarantee you'll have the time of your life as you travel "Beyond the Lens!"

Beyond The Lens is conveniently located at 2115 Parkway in Pigeon Forge near the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Theater.   Guidance through the museum is offered through an app which also offers additional information about the exhibits. There's excellent photo opportunities so be sure to have your camera ready.  Food and drinks are not allowed inside the museum. If you're planning to spend the day, you may bring snacks. However, you must exit the museum to eat and then re-enter.  For more information and discount tickets for this attraction CLICK THIS LINK:

These Beyond The Lens Colors is actually a Kaleidoscope you can walk through!Walk Through A Giant Kaleidoscope!
Meet The Alien!
Don't Let This Huge Beyond The Lens Find A Word Puzzle Leave You Stumped!Find A Word Puzzle

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