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Smoky Mountain Museums

Smoky Mountain museums have much to offer!  Not only are they a family fun-filled attraction, they're also very educational!  A visit may last a full day as you engage in some of the most amazing exhibits in the world!  Meet your favorite celebrity made of wax!  Enjoy virtual reality rides!  Experience new things!  Lots of learning and loads of fun!  It's what Smoky Mountain Museums are all about!


CHRIST IN THE SMOKIES - This Gatlinburg museum is an awesome spiritual attraction that takes you for a walk through the pages of the Bible.  Stories come alive at the Christ In The Smokies Museum and Gardens!  Become amazed with life-like scenes that tell the story of Jesus and His walk on earth!   Watch the eyes of Jesus as they follow you! See waxed Bible characters come to life through special effects and lighting.  Shop for spiritual gifts. This "one of a kind" museum is sure to give the whole family an awesome experience in biblical teachings.

Smoky Mountain Museums offer spiritual beauty like these flower blossoms.
See Biblical characters inside Smoky Mountain Museums like Christ in the Smokies
Smoky Mountain Museums offer lovely displays during the holiday season like this beautiful cross of Easter at Christ in the Smokies.

Are you ready for some educational fun? Then come visit  exciting museums of the Smoky Mountains! You'll enjoy yourself so much, you won't even think about all the great things you're learning!

hollywood star cars is great for titanic-museum attractionHOLLYWOOD STAR CARS

TITANIC MUSEUM - One of the most popular of the Smoky Mountain museums is the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge.  The Titanic and other fine museums are spread throughout the Smoky Mountains area!  You'll want to visit every one!  Exciting events are always happening at the Titanic Museum!  Spend the day viewing artifacts from the original ship!  Steer the ship!  Walk the grand staircase, and more! The Titanic Museum is 30,000 square interesting exhibits!  An exciting day of fun, and education is had by all who visit the Titanic Museum.

It's the world's largest replica of the ship, Titanic and it was built with lego bricks!  It all started as the dream of a 11-year-old boy with Autism from Iceland.  Two of his favorite things were trains and legos and he wanted to build something spectacular!  When he came across some information about the Titanic, he knew exactly what to do!  This replica of the world's largest ship is now on display at the Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Taing 11 months to build,  it's a "whopping" 26 x 5 ft with a total of 56,000 lego bricks!

Did you ever have dreams of meeting your favorite star?

An image of Hollywood Wax Museum Hollywood Sign An image of Hollywood Wax Museum Castle An image of Hollywood Wax Museum Building An image of Hollywood Wax Museum Building

HOLLYWOOD WAX MUSEUM - You'll spot this Smoky Mountain museum's unique structure as soon as you arrive in Pigeon Forge!  It's as awesome as the museum itself! The colorful painted building, the huge display of familiar Hollywood Wax Museum.  Hollywood faces, and the giant King Kong immediately draw your attention to one of the Smokies' most fascinating museums!   The life-like figures inside the Hollywood Wax Museum make you feel as though you're meeting some of the world's most famous celebrities!  Learn interesting facts, pose with your favorites, get into some movie action right next to your favorite actor/actress!  Afterwards, try your game skills inside the Castle of Chaos!  Lose yourself inside Hannah's Maze of Mirrors! Find your way out and rescue Princess Hannah!  The Hollywood Wax Museum is an exciting adventure for the whole family!

HOLLYWOOD STAR CARS MUSEUM - Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood are cars!  You can meet them right here in Gatlinburg at the STAR CARS MUSEUM! See vehicles from Hollywood movies, and TV shows!  On display now is the 1966 Bat mobile From exhibits of hit movies to personal cars of the stars, you'll see an extreme collection where the biggest star is the car!

Ripleys Believe It Or Not Smoky Mountain Museum is a great place to spend the day!RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT
Not only does the Smokies offer The Titanic Museum Guinness Book of World Records is another exciting museum in GatlinburgGUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS

WONDERWORKS - Up for a brain challenge? Then you've got to visit WonderWorks!  This Pigeon Forge museum is totally an imagination station! There are over 100 exhibits! All interactive! Travel upside down on a bike! Ride a virtual roller coaster you create yourself! Take a ropes challenge course, and much, much more! This is one museum that will flip you upside down...literally!  Whatever Smoky Mountain Museum you choose,  whether it's the Titanic Museum, or one of these other fine Smoky Mountain museums, you can believe it will be an exciting adventure for the whole family!

RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT MUSEUM - You will not believe your eyes when you see all the unusual and mind-boggling things you'll discover while visiting Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum.  Spend hours rambling through over 500 artifacts of strange oddities.  Come to your own conclusions as to whether your going to choose to BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

GUINNESS WORLD OF RECORDS - You'll become both dazed and amazed with some of the most interesting exhibits Gatlinburg has to offer at the Guinness Book Of World Records.  Be astounded by the marvelous successes and achievements of those who set out to achieve outlandish goals. View wax figures of most unusual people!  Come aboard Noah's Ark! Stand beside the tallest man!  You'll be captivated with every "real life experience" exhibit this museum has to offer!