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The Christ In The Smokies Garden is beautiful.

christ in the smokies Museum

Christ In The Smokies Crosses are for sale in the gift shop of the museum.
This Christ In The Smokies Display is filled with interesting information.
This Christ In The Smokies Church is pretty amazing when you find what it's built out of!

Christ In The Smokies Museum and Gardens brings the words of the Bible to life with music and special effects!  Life size figures, 3-D Dioramas, and spectacular lighting are used to share the gospel in an amazingly incredible way!   Your visit begins with a 25-minute walk-through tour featuring a compilation of stories from the God's Word.

christ in the smokies museum shares "the light of jesus" to the world

 Life-size wax figures and dramatic animation come together to portray the life of Jesus' time on earth in a most interesting way beginning with His miraculous birth.  As you continue to move through, you'll witness dramatic scenes from scripture!  See and hear how Christ makes a blind man come to see!  Watch as Jesus shows His love and affection toward small children!  Experience the agony Jesus suffered on the cross as he was unjustly crucified.  Next comes the most important part of the story: Why Jesus had to endure such a cruel execution. 

 This is where we learn of God's infinite love for His people.  His passion for us was so great that He offered the blood of His only son to be shed upon an old rugged cross.   It's here we come to the realization that Jesus' death took the place of our sin!  When we accept the sacrificial blood of Jesus and His awe-inspiring love in our hearts, He becomes our Lord and Savior!  As we continue to move forward on the tour, we watch in awe as Jesus who was miraculously raised from the dead,  gloriously ascends into Heaven!  At this point, thunder and lightning, along with a magnificent rendition of "The Hallelujah Chorus!"  fills the room.  It's at this moment you feel a special warmth bringing with it the realization that Christ is alive!   We come to recognize we are serving a living Savior!  One who brings love, hope, and eternal life into an otherwise hopeless world!  

After this dramatic ending, the tour ends, however, when you exit,  you will enter into a beautiful prayer garden filled with lovely flowers and monumental statues.  Inside the garden stands an exquisite "Face of Christ"  Be sure to watch the eyes!  They appear to follow you as you move throughout the garden!   Find amazing information as you continue your walk through the Christ in the Smokies Museum.  Read interesting facts on some of the Bible's most prominent characters!  See photos and artifacts!   One of the most interesting sites is the church made of toothpicks! 

As you prepare to leave, you'll come through their gift shop that's filled with unique gifts for those special folks on your shopping list!

Christ In The Smokies, formally known as Christus Gardens, is one of the nation's most heart-warming places to visit. Coming to these mountains is the perfect place to feel God's power!  Visiting this museum is the best place to experience the love God has for YOU!  Christ in the Smokies Museum is located at 510 River Road, Gatlinburg.  Hours are from 9:00 A.M - 9:00 P.M.  Off season hours are from 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.    For more information and  DISCOUNT TICKETS - CLICK HERE!  






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