by Gaylen Carpenter

For centuries Christian poems have touched lives.  These are verses I have written to bless  and encourage you as you stroll down life's highway.  Living in the Great Smoky Mountains area has deepened my faith tremendously.  As a result I wrote what  God had placed upon my heart.

From my "Heartsong" to yours, my hope is that you will be uplifted and become encouraged in your in your Christian faith as you read these words.

Christian Poems
Written By Gaylen Carpenter

christian-poem - 1 is about God's Love Gift
Read christian-poems-5 about The Little Palm Tree
Let the sunshine with christian-poem-4 -brighter-day
A Sure Way To a Happy Day is what christian-poems 3 is all about!
Hop aboard christian-poems-7-the ship
christian-poems-8 is gives you fruits of love.
See Reflections with christian-poems-9

I've enjoyed writing Christian poetry for years!  My greatest inspiration came from Christian poet Helen Steiner Rice.  She has blessed me with her tremendous work for decades.  The link below will take you to a page of some of her most beautiful poems.  I hope her poetry will bless you as much as it has blessed me!

This poetry does  have a copyright.  They are not to be used, adapted, printed, or published in any way, or form without the creator's permission.  

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