Christian Art
and The Smoky Mountain Crafts Community

Christian Art Brings The Power Of God Alive In The Smokies!

Gatlinburg's Art For God Gallery displays beautiful photos of Jesus.ART FOR GOD
The Robert A. Tino Gallery Christian Art Collection is superb!ROBERT A. TINO GALLERY
Christian Art Bearfoot Art Studio Has Many Lovely Works Of Art!BEARFOOT ART GALLERY
If you're into Christian Art Thomas Kinkade has a special talent for Biblical Art.THOMAS KINCADE GALLERY

A Heartsong melody is sung no more beautifully than from the canvas of Christian art, and other lovely masterpieces created by Smoky Mountain artisans!  The music of the mountains echos a glorious tune created by those of the arts and crafts community who bring forms of Christian art, and inspirational arts to life through their paintings. 

 We have many artists in the area!  The Smoky Mountains is home to a whole arts and crafts community!  If you're seriously into art, and even if your not, these famous galleries of  fine art are definitely a "must see" for all those visiting the Smoky Mountains area!

steven sawyer - art for god

As a Christian artist, Steven Sawyer serve others, and glorifies God through portraits of Jesus!  His paintings depicts the man Jesus was as he walked upon this earth.   These works of art are a reflection of the man who taught us to laugh,  and love! They are about the man who walked upon this earth teaching about mercy, and faith.  Steven Sawyer uses his"Art for God" to show us Jesus, God's son, in different facets of his life on Earth.   His art brings us closer to God as he ministers, and honors God in this unique way. This awesome studio is located downtown, Gatlinburg.

thomas kincade galleries

From the very beginning, he has painted from the heart!  Inspirational messages have been spoken through his artwork. It has blessed people for years!  His goal as an artist has always been to touch the hearts of people of those of every faith and use his art to bring peace and joy to everyone.  There are five Thomas Kincade art gallery locations in the Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg area.  These galleries are beautifully decorated, and enhanced with many of his most famous works of art.

Thomas Kinkade been known throughout the world as "the painter of light!"  Christian art has always been his passion and his ministry.

robert a. tino gallery

A lovely white, two-story antebellum home sits majestically on Highway 66 in Sevierville, Tn. This beautifully constructed dwelling has attracted thousands for years!  Historically, it has been the residence of only two families, (the Denton Family, and the Andes Family.)  Now,it's the home of the Robert A. Tino Gallery.  Folks who visit here enjoy it's southern hospitality and unique stoop-over.  Seasonal holidays come to life with beautifully decorated trimmings and landscape.   The Robert A. Tino Gallery carries an excellent selection of original water colors, canvas lithographs, fine art posters, ceramic tiles, and more. 

bearfoot art gallery

Visiting this lovely art gallery in the Glades area of Gatlinburg means relaxing near a warm fireplace when it's cold! Staying cool during the summer by the peaceful woods surrounding the gallery, and possibly seeing a live black bear outside the door! (no promises here folks) however, because of Bearfoot Art Gallery's rustic location, it could happen!  With or without the bear, you'll be amazed by the astounding artwork of these beautiful mountains and their lovely surroundings inspirationally created by R.J. McNall. This artist's work speaks in thunder tones the beauty of the mountains!  Her inspirational paintings capture the beauty of the mountains in such remarkable ways that you can most certainly feel the power of God!

These studios are just a few among the hundreds of art studios located inside the area.  Each have their own expression, and unique style. Lovely art pieces of every form, and fashion are available throughout the Great Smoky Mountains area.  

The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce has even more great information and art studio listings for this unique Smoky Mountain area.