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The Chuck Wagon Cook-Off in Pigeon Forge kicks off Spring early in the mountains with lots of food, music, and fun!  It happens at Clabough's Campgrounds where your sure to find plenty of western action! This popular event brings out cowboys and cowgirls of all ages!  It's an opportunity to enjoy friendly competition with simple added ingredients as this festival plays host to some of the best cowboy cookin'  this side of the Smoky Mountains!

Chuck Wagon Cook Off Music brings back memories of old Western Cowboy music from MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
This Chuck Wagon Cook Off Cowboy is ready for action!!WESTERN COWBOYS
The Chuck Wagon Luncheon is one of the Biggest highlights of the Chuck Wagon Cook Off in Pigeon Forge.CHUCK WAGON LUNCHEON


If you're into great food, you'll have a blast here!  The Chuck Wagon Cook-off lets you watch cooks in action and enjoy interacting with them as you learn about the old American West.  This festival brings back memories of old customs like feeding hungry cowboys with food prepared over a blazing fire from the Chuck wagon on the open prairie during the cattle drive.  

Chuck Wagon Events

BUCKAROO ROUND-UP ACTIVITIES is all about entertaining the "cowboy/cowgirl "young guns!" There's plenty of exciting things to do for children.  They are introduced to lots to see, things to learn, and challenges to be had, like cattle roping.  The heads of bulls have been placed on a bale of straw.  Cattle rope is given to each child.  Of course there is an instructor to show them how it's done.  Then the children are given the opportunity to  showcase their talent as they attempt to ring their rope around the head of the cattle.

BUYING "COWBOY STYLE" is about finding great deals on great western stuff! There are lots of items to choose from!   Booths are sitting all round  the Chuck-Wagon Cookoff Festival with just about everything the cowboy/cowgirl on your gift list could want!  If your into hats, boots, and cowboy attire, some of the finest are sold here. There are quilts, home decor, jewelry, and just about anything else you need to be "stylin'' western style!

This Chuck Wagon Cook Off singing cowboy is ready to SINGING COWBOYS

MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT fills the air with popular cowboy tunes seasoned with a little bluegrass and gospel.  These cowboys really know their "stuff" when it comes to singing western-style!  Entertainment for the 2018 event included "The Knoxville Cowboy of Marshall Andy & Riders of Silver Screen.  The audience enjoyed many classic western-style tunes, and some of the best guitar pickin' and keyboard playin' this side of the Smokies!

CHUCK WAGON LUNCHEON is the most popular event of the day!  After a fun-filled morning, it's the moment everyone has been waiting for....The Chuck Wagon Cowboy luncheon.  At 12 noon folks line up for a delicious meal prepared by a cowboy and served straight from the Chuck Wagon!  Tickets for the luncheon are purchased on-line before the festival.  They are also sold on-site.  However, I recommend you're getting your tickets ahead of time!  This assures you the opportunity to enjoy the luncheon.  Tickets WERE sold out by the festival date for 2018!  Ticket costs are $12.50 per person.  Chuck wagon cook-offs are held to preserve the memory of cattle drives and mobile kitchens. The competitions for this particular festival includes cash prizes for most authentic wagon and awards in several different food categories, including meat, potatoes, bread, beans and dessert. All food items are prepared onsite with ingredients provided to the cooking teams. 

This is what you call a little Chuck Wagon Cook Off Cowboy Fun!DINNER ON THE GROUND
The Chuck Wagon Cook-Off kiddies are challenged to rope the bull.BUCKAROO ROUND-UP ACTIVITIES
The height of the festival is the Chuck Wagon Cook Off Food!FINE WESTERN FOOD