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crave golf club

Are you ready for Crave Golf Club?  This one-of-a-kind  golf course offers challenges unlike anything you've seen before!  It's 18,500 foot Candy Land with two candy-themed courses featuring 19 holes each.  This colorful playground features a delightfully competitive environment.   Become surrounded by larger-than-life treats like Rock Candy Mountain, Bubblegum Garden, and the Jellybean Jungle, all filled with crystalline candy stalagmites, gumball trees, and giant lollipops. Watch out for the jellybean Crave-men!  They could make things a bit tricky! This exciting course winds it’s way from ground level, up a hill and then onto the roof.    Kids and "Kids at Heart" will love every moment of play!  There's lot of "crazy fun" beginning with the "Crave-Style" way to play which is using the spinner at each hole to find  what wild thing you must do while attempting to make your hole-in-one.  Some of the holes give you multi-challenges which give you more ways to win.  

challenge yourself with crave golf club escape rooms

Polish your "escape room skills" and be prepared to meet the challenges of "Mayday" and the Zombie Research Lab!  These are 30-minute experiences to prove whether or not you're a true professional escape artist!  "Mayday" begins as an exotic submarine adventure.  Suddenly things become a nightmare as you and others on board become trapped.  Cold sea water is moving in quickly!  There's not much time!  You and the crew must seal all water tight doors!  If you cannot work fast enough, you and everyone on board could be lost at sea forever!  You must work with your crew to seal the water tight doors before your vessel is claimed by the depths of the sea!

Crave Golf Club  Zombie Research Lab demands you and your team to "Find A Cure!"  Every member of your crew has been separated from the outside world.  There's a deadly Zombie virus and it's up to you and those you're working with to put an end to this hideous infection.  You must move quickly!  Repulsive creatures who were once Human Beings move closer to the lab. You must hurry before these horrid monsters create an atrocious "day of reckoning.   


If you're a bowling fan, you have to experience the Crave Golf Club miniature bowling lanes.  It's all the action of traditional bowling alley, just smaller!  Choose from one of 4 lanes and become a Pro!  Enjoy an ultra-modern lounge with state-of-the-art lighting effects.  It's an excellent game for adults and children.  No bowling shoes required!  Just grab a ball and have a blast!! 

Crave Golf Club takes you into a dream world filled with mountains of cocoa, ice cream canyons, and sugar safaris where you interact with sugar cone characters. And this is only during the indoor golf play.  Continue to the roof and experience even more challenges and sweet surprises that will make your golf experience one you'll will never forget!

This amazing attraction is simply a dream come true!  It's a place to play and shop for delicious candies and eat soft serve ice cream.  It's an opportunity to move out of reality and step into an imaginary land filled with sweet candy dreams, fun, and laughter. This attraction is fully handicap accessible.  It's located in Pigeon Forge at 2925 Parkway.  Plan your adventure now!  For more information and DISCOUNT TICKETS CLICK HERE!

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