This beautiful bridge in Elkmont is enjoyed by the thousands who come here each year!
Believe it or not, what draws many to this area are the interest in an old Elkimont Cabin!
This old bathroom in Elkmont is a good indication of how folks in the community once lived.
There's plenty of water fun in Elkmont including tubing, fishing, and wading.

This "Hot Spot" called Elkmont is a small Smoky Mountain community that started as a logging settlement back in 1908, then later a lavish vacation getaway for the rich.  Much of its history still remains today.  Folks come because it’s an interesting place to visit!  It has a log home community that was purchased by the wealthy and used for vacation homes. The rich have loved it here!  So much so, they wanted to stay. 


The landscape is equipped with a beautiful natural stream just perfect for tubing.  The water is just many of the wonderful ways you can relax here!  Cool off on a hot summer's day, or just let this cool mountain stream rush over your bare feet.  You might try a balancing act by walking on the rocks!  However, I must warn you,  these rocks are slippery when wet!  

Some of these cabins have several rooms, and indoor plumbing! Nobody has lived here for years. However, tourists drive by on a regular basis to see these old historical cottages. 

The Elkmont firefly is a popular site to see during the month of June.

Do you have any idea what this Smoky Mountain town’s “Claim to Fame” might be?  It’s the Firefly!!  Here in the South, we call them “lighting bugs.” So, what’s all the excitement about?  This area is one of only two places in the world (the other is Southeast Asia) where these winged-beetles come by the thousands to mate! Their blinking in unison is so beautiful that people come by the bus loads to see this unique light show! It takes place every year during June. I've seen it, and I must say “it’s quite a sight to behold!” 

Elkmont has a campground you'll love.  Is quiet, secluded, and located in the mountains.

This community is home to one of the largest campgrounds in the Smokies. Sitting at an elevation of 2,150 feet, it's surrounded by everything the Great Smoky Mountains has to offer.  You may choose to camp waterfront along the Little River, or just kick back in your tent, or RV on one of their other sites! Some offer hook-ups, electricity, and flush toilets.

It sure is peaceful here!  You feel as though you're miles up in the mountains, but the truth is you’re only nine miles away from Gatlinburg!  When you’re ready to “get away,” Be sure you look up Elkmont!  This hot spot is also an awesome mountain “hideaway!”  A wonderful place to find tranquility! That is until you’re ready to come to life with all the fun, and excitement you can handle “just a stone’s throw away” in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg

When you're ready to hide away someplace, this area is the perfect setting to get away from it all!  You'll love visiting Elkmont - the "hot-spot in the Smokies!