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smoky mountain magic shows

smoky mountain magic shows are incredible mind-blowing acts that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Smoky Mountain magic shows brings the world of illusions to life in ways you could never imagine!  These spectacular presentations will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!  Not only are you walking into a wonderful world of magic, you're walking into an exciting world of fun!  Enjoy amazing feats!  Never-before-seen illusions!  Live animals, floating objects, and much much more!  It's a magical time for the entire family to enjoy some of the most awe-inspiring tricks ever!  These are not "just" magic shows!  They're Smoky Mountain Magic Shows!!!

This Magic Beyond Belief Circus Trick is indeed Smoky Mountain Magic Beyond Belief.Magic Beyond Belief

MAGIC BEYOND BELIEF - You won't believe your eyes!  World renowned Darren Romeo brings his magical genius to the stage to entertain you with Smoky Mountain magic as you've never seen before!  Live animals disappear in a flash!  Objects and people are seen floating through the air!  Musical tributes come to life in unimaginable ways!  Darren Romeo is a protege of Master illusionists Siegfried and Roy of Las Vegas!  This incredible illusionist is the only magician in the world to perform the floating light bulb stunt made famous by magician Harry Blackstone.  It's a state-of-the-art presentation filled with special effects, sound, lights, and laser.  MORE....

What you see during this amazing presentation is Smoky Mountain Impossibilities.Impossibilities Show - Magic, Mind reading, & Mayhem


MPOSSIBILITIES-MAGIC, MIND READING, AND MAYHEM Smoky Mountain magic is at it's best with comical fun and stunning magic by comedians Chris Collins and Master Mentalist Erik Dobel!  This team brings the audience alive with mind-shattering illusions, comical skits, and the amazing reading of minds of participants from the audience.  Don't miss the opportunity to be astounded by this amazing show!  MORE....

What lies inside Smoky Mountain Magic Wonders of Magic and the Enchanted Garden?Wonders of Magic

WONDERS OF MAGIC & WONDERWORKS VIP PASS - The Wonders of Magic by Terry Evanswood has performed a jaw-dropping show in the Great Smoky Mountains for years!  The state comes alive with unbelievable tricks that is sure to have you sitting at the edge of your seat!  Amazing illusions and incredible feats will have you asking yourself, "How do they do that???  Terry Evanswood is a state-of-the-art magician who has the power to make you believe some of the most incredible feats of magic ever performed.  Wonders of Magic is presented by WonderWorks Mind Museum!  WonderWorks is day spent doing things you've never done, and most likely you'll never do again outside of this incredible museum!  MORE....


MAGIC SPECTACULAR - Every member of the family is sure to enjoy this fascinating Smoky Mountain magic show!  Magicians Steven and Cassandra Best bring the stage alive at the Memories Theater in Pigeon Forge for an afternoon of astounding magic and comical fun!  Become "spellbound" as you witness some mind-bending illusions.  It's exciting to imagine what you're going to see next.  Audience participation makes this show even more thrilling.  This show is filled with laughter and magical feats that is sure to "WOW" you right out of your seat!  MORE...

All of these magic shows are amazing and entertaining!  They are great for the whole family, school trips, educational adventures, and more.