The Rainbow Falls Stream Is Cool And Refreshing
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Rainbow Falls Couple Enjoying The Mountains.
At Rainbow Falls People Are Enjoying These Lovely Falls

Rainbow Falls is one of the most unique in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It's main features are it's beautiful colors, and old growth forests.   Located on the Roaring Fork Nature Motor Trail, it gets it's name from the rainbows that appear when the sun glistens on the water at the base at just the right time.  In winter, there's a transformation into an ice formation which turns it into a winter wonderland when it's cold.

Rainbow Falls is the perfect place to enjoy the mountains!  The area is filled with ample areas get plenty of relaxation and spend time with someone special, or enjoy a picnic with friends, or  family.

Standing 80 feet high, the waters cascade majestically down rock into a shallow pool at the bottom. This chute is noted to have the highest single drop in the mountains.  There are lots of rocks in the area, however, the park advises visitors not to climb as they are very slippery from mist and algae. 


As with most in the area, these falls require taking a hike to get there. For about two-thirds of a mile, you'll climb through a boulder field and move along beside the LeConte Creek that flows down the mountain.  You'll cross a footbridge at about 1.7 miles into the hike, and come across another in 2.4 miles.  The falls are about 2.7. miles from the trail-head.  There are places along the way to rest, or picnic as you make your way to the falls.   If you continue another 4.2 miles down this trail, you'll reach the third highest mountains in the Smokies - the summit of Mt. LeConte.  The full round trip is 5.4 miles.  Allow about three to five hours for the hike.  Since parts of the trail are very rocky, it's a good idea to wear good hiking boots, or shoes.  Be sure to pack all the necessary essentials for hiking, including snacks and drinking water.  Pets and bicycles are not allowed on this trail.  Watch for the black bear as they tend to be common in the area.


Drive into Gatlinburg until you come to light #8.  Turn at Historic Nature Trail/Airport Road.  In about 0.7 miles bear right to Cherokee Orchard Road.  In about 2.2 miles come to the one-way entrance of Cherokee Orchard Loop Road.  Drive 0.6 miles down the loop and see the Rainbow Falls Trail-head on the right.  

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