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Vacationing brings change! But there are some things you would just rather stay the same! Like good food from your familiar, and all time favorite restaurants. These Smoky Mountains offer some mighty good eatin'! And some of the best is right here in restaurants you already know best!

Try some of these popular restaurant chains for yourself!

some of the best restaurant-chains are here in the smokiesOLIVE GARDEN

Ready to settle down to some good Italian?? The Olive Garden is the best! You won't go wrong here! The whole community has voted Olive Garden of the Smokies #1 in the area! And for good reason! Service here is excellent! The food is superb! You'll enjoy fine dining at its best "Italian style" at this wonderful Smoky Mountain chain... Olive Garden!

red lobster is one of pigeon forge most popular restaurant-chainsRED LOBSTER

Some of the best fine dining in the Smokies is found at the Red Lobster. It just seems to be one restaurant chain you can't seem get enough of! The food is great at Red Lobster. everywhere you go, but somehow it seems to taste better here in the Smokies than anyplace else!  Once you sink your teeth into some of those juicy steaks, succulent seafood, and tasty chicken, you'll know what I'm talking about!

There are so many restaurants here that it's easy to find a great place to eat.  Most every dining experience from the most expensive 7-course dinner the to low budget deli is the remedy of cure for any appetite.  With over 600 restaurants in the area, you're sure to find a great place to eat on the list at this link:

if you are looking for good restaurant-chains try dennysDENNY'S

A great restaurant the whole family will enjoy!  Delicious entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! That's what you get when you visit Dennys Restaurant in Pigeon Forge!  Dennys serves breakfast 24/7! Enjoy their famous "Grand Slam" sandwich!  Hey, choose up to four items from the menu and build your own Grand Slam!!  

the chop house is one of the most popular restaurant-chainsCHOP HOUSE

We'll start with the Chop House Restaurant! This is one eatery you can "bet your chops" will be awesomely good! Just wait til you get a "whiff" of their good cookin'! Delicious stuff like ribs, steaks, chicken and seafood! Umm! It'll make ya wanna stop and go on in and try some of their AWESOME entrees! Don't stop there! They have a full menu of mouth-waterin' dishes that will have ya comin' back for more! And after ye git cha belly'll have to walk it down by going shoppin' at the biggest mall in Pigeon Forge - Five Oaks!

Restaurant chains like O'Charleys is one of the area's most popular eateries.O'CHARLEY'S

Some restaurants were just created for the purpose of impressing you with great food! You know!  It's those places you start eating and "OoooHH" throughout the whole meal! O'Charley's Restaurant is such a place! You're gonna love those chicken tenders O'Charley's is famous for! It's a great place to find excellent seafood, chicken, steaks, and more!