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The Buttonwillow Civil War Show in Pigeon Forge, TN is a historical experience the whole family will enjoy!

the buttonwillow civil war show

The Buttonwillow Civil War Show is entertainment filled with intrigue and excitement!  If you're into American history, or if you're a Civil War enthusiast, you're sure to enjoy this theater show from beginning to end!  It's an interesting family presentation that's both educational and fun, however, it also offers a true portrayal of the Civil War, complete with facts and figures.  


The Buttonwillow Civil War Show is  a captivating story that takes place in the year 1864. It's about two East Tennessee siblings who meet expectantly. One is pro-Union, while the other is pro-Confederate.  They both love the South and they have generated their own ideas about how to save it.   This die-hard Tennessee Unionist struggles with his pro-Confederate sister about the best way to set it free. The plot deepens as they try to understand each other's views.  There are a few comical skits involved that keeps the story interesting.  While the story is fictional, the history and facts are real!   The Buttonwillow Civil War Show is  a two-hour presentation that looks into the heart and soul in the 19th century and presents interesting views between the North and the South. It offers conservative views, as well as a deep respect for Christianity.  Theater Owner, and show leader, Steve Gipson says  "it will make you laugh and cry in awe."  Anyone, especially those interested in American history will appreciate this show!

This attraction is no longer a dinner show!  The theater is small with an excellent sound system and seating.  The Buttonwillow Civil War show offers performances daily.  Matinees and evening shows are available on most days.  The theater is handicapped accessible.  The Buttonwillow Civil War Theater is located at 2135 Parkway  across from the Titanic Museum in the heart of Pigeon Forge, TN.  The theater is open daily from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.  Because of the popularity of this show, it's a good idea to purchase tickets ahead of time.   For more information, or DISCOUNT TICKETS CLICK HERE!






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