A Dance With The Cherokee Indians

Come and see the Cherokee Indians!  Cherokee, on the North Carolina side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a great place to visit!


One of the most exciting things to do here is visit an authentic Indian reservation complete with real Indians!  Th Indians takes you back to the 1700's where you can experience cultural dancing, and spiritual worship to the Almighty God as they did centuries ago.  Most all venues start with the "friendship" dance which includes everyone in the audience who wants to participate.

A visit to the Cherokee Indian Reservation is both fascinating and fun!
The drive through the Cherokee Mountains is a beautiful one.

This beautiful village consist of mainly "friendly" indians!  Located in the heart of Western North Carolina, this little town is big on history, and adventure!   Enjoy a fun-filled vacation in this delightful part of the Smokies that is filled with plenty of shopping, fishing, Elk viewing, hiking, and more.

Those I met prayed before performing.  They explained to us their deep respect for the Great Creator of these mountains, and and of this world. No photos were allowed during this time.  

The Cherokee Indian Dances are amazing and many are spiritual.

Many Cherokee Indians earn their living by performing for tourists who visit the area.  They have stages on the main thoroughfare, usually near inexpensive gift shops!  The Indians perform for free, however, they are dependent upon your donations, and what they are able to sell that they have made themselves. The unique gifts you find here are amazing!  Select from beautiful pottery, masks, basket weaving, and more.



Cherokee offers great shopping in both shopping centers and souvenir shops.

 "Shop til you drop" in some of the area's best stores. You'll love the great souvenir shops, and shopping centers!   Rummage through their fine selection of low-cost tee shirts!  Have a blast discovering Indian paraphernalia, and other precious keepsakes.  You'll have a great time browsing through fine furnishings.  Leather is a popular item.  It's all waiting for you here!

History of the Cherokee Indians comes alive in North Carolina.

Enjoy "Unto These Hills."  This drama, filled with action, love, betrayal, and strength is an authentic reproduction of the Cherokee story. Relive the agony of the historical "Trail of Tears."  Talented actors bring Indian stories to life with song and dance, fog and fire, lonesome music and awesome sound effects.

Like the Tennessee side of the Smokies, there's plenty to do!  Special events take place throughout the year.  Enjoy hiking trails, waterfalls, breathtaking views, and more. Spending time in this area of the Great Smoky Mountains will bring exciting adventures and days filled with fun!