a comedy barn christmas

A Comedy Barn Christmas is the place to come if you love to laugh!   It's family fun filled with loads of crazy antics, music, and amazing stunts.   Enjoy Christmas tunes, colorful costumes, hilarious skits, and more!  This award-winning, high-energy show is sure to fill your heart with laughter as your spirit 'soars" with holiday cheer!   As in ALL FEE-HEDRICK shows, the Comedy Barn Christmas Show shines the spotlight on the true meaning of Christmas.  Through the praise of music there is tribute honoring our Savior who came as a baby in a manger to rescue a dying world.  

Rock to some of your favorite holiday tunes with the Comedy Barn Christmas singers.Christmas Sing-A-Long
This Comedy Barn Christmas Kitty really knows her stuff!Amazing Cat with Trainer
The Comedy Barn Christmas Cloggers will have you wanting to move along with them!Christmas Cloggers
You've not experienced juggling until you've seen the Comedy Barn Christmas juggler!Mind-blowing Juggling Act
Don't let this Comedy Barn Christmas Giant scare you!Christmas Giant
Comedy Barn Christmas Music

Everybody loves Christmas music!  Most everyone has a favorite song, or carol!  The Comedy Barn Christmas Show fills the arena with beautiful Christmas tunes, cloggers, and musical band performers playing and singing all throughout this delightful show. Of course there is comedy involved in every segment, so you never know what will come next.  Stay on guard!  Audience participation happens on a regular basis, so the chances of you're coming onstage as part of the show are pretty good!

the comedy barn christmas show is a side-splitting, high energy, EXTRAVAGANZA!

Comedy Barn Christmas Granny speaks her mind!
This Comedy Barn Christmas Comedian makes some hilarious moves!
It's amazing what this Comedy Barn Christmas funny man can do.
This Comedy Barn Christmas Monkey is caught just

The Comedy Barn Christmas Show comedians are unbelievably funny!  Because this show is pure clean, family-friendly comedy, you will experience extreme humor without any offense!  Some of the crazy antics the juggler gets himself into and the wacky things he does and says while juggling has you rolling in the isles!  The ventriloquist manages to get himself into some tight situations with his pet monkey and his granny!  The monkey gets sassy, but grandma, as older folk sometimes do, just speaks her mind!

Comical stunts during a Comedy Barn Christmas Cat Walk.
This Comedy Barn Christmas Cat is ready to
It's a

The most amazing part of the show are the cats!  These live pet cats have an electrifying circus show!  They climb through bars, roll with balls, and hop through hoops!  Every eye is on the cat that climbs upon a platform before being raised 100-feet in the air for a giant leap!  A "Woooo" is heard from the entire audience as this feline performs her incredible feat and takes the plunge!  These animals are exploding with "cat-power!"  who really know their stuff!  

It's a real Comedy Barn Christmas Frizzle at this family fun-time restaurantThe Frizzle Chicken Farmhouse Cafe

One of the most popular things to do in the Smoky Mountains area is eat!  It seems people are eating around here all the time!  As a matter of fact there is one place where food and laughter go "hand-in-hand!  It's known as the "Frizzle Chicken Farmhouse Cafe!"  While enjoying "all you can eat" southern-style food, you'll get a good laugh as you are being serenaded by the largest display of singing chickens in the world!  This restaurant is located next door to the Comedy Barn Theater, making it the best choice to have lunch or dinner before the show. 

The Comedy Barn Theater is open year around with an awesome show filled with clean family fun!  The Christmas shows happen daily at 5:00 p.m. and nightly at 8:15 p.m.  During peak season, there are added shows starting at 5:00 P.M. and matinees every Saturday.   The Christmas show happens during the holiday season. The Comedy Barn Theater is located at 2775 Parkway - Pigeon Forge, TN. 

Discount tickets are available for this show.  

The Comedy Barn Christmas Theater offers everything needed to tickle the funny bone.Comedy Barn Theater