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comedy barn christmas show

The Comedy Barn Christmas Cast performs an excellent night of comedy just for you!Singin' By The Barn
The Comedy Barn Christmas Cat Walk features great onstage tricks performed by both cats and dogs.Amazing Animal Show
Enjoy the Comedy Barn Christmas Cloggers as they dance their way into the next comedy scene.High-Steppin' Cloggers
This Comedy Barn Christmas comedian will have the entire family rolling down the isles with laughter!State-of-the-art Juggler
There's lots of good Comedy Barn Christmas Fiddling going on during this delightful show.Guitars, Music, and Fun

A  Comedy Barn Christmas is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season with fun and laughter!   This delightful stage show is filled with lots of hilarious skits, colorful costumes, dancing, singing, and a whole lot more!  It's clean, wholesome comedy the entire family will enjoy!   The Comedy Barn offers one of the best year-around performances in the Great Smoky Mountains area!  The Christmas show is a special kind of "wonderful" because it brings with it a unique feeling of warmth, joy, and laughter.


Everyone loves to hear those familiar hand-clapping, toe-tapping festive tunes that has brought pleasure to the holiday season for years.   The true meaning of Christmas will come alive in your heart as you enjoy beautiful gospel hymns and carols. There's fiddlers in overalls and high steppin' cloggers!  Get ready to roar with laughter as the super-tall juggler performs funny tricks and amazing stunts that  blow your mind!  An all-time favorite is the talking dog!  He's even funnier than he looks!  The most awe-inspiring segment of the Comedy Barn Christmas Show are the animals!  Dogs and cats who were adopted from the area animal shelter come onstage with one of the most outstanding shows you've ever seen!  They climb, jump, dive, and show off some cute and funny little stunts of their own.  

The Comedy Barn Christmas Show has a ventriloquist that is absolutely superb!  He brings the puppets to life in such a way that they take on their own personalities. They appear to be so alive that you come to know them, laugh with them, and respect them as entertainers in their own right!  There are lots of crazy antics that happen onstage that you just have to see to believe.  Audience participation is widely accepted!  Members from the audience are chosen to come onstage to perform some of the silliest skits you've ever seen!  

Christmas - Tis' the season to be jolly!  Bring cheer and laughter into your celebration by attending the Comedy Barn Christmas Show located at 2775 Parkway in Pigeon Forge.  Christmas show dates are November 1 - January 5.  There are two shows daily at 5:00 P.M. and 8:15 P.M.  This show is approximately two hours long.  The theater is handicapped and stroller accessible.  There is a gift shop and a snack bar available inside the lobby.   For more information and DISCOUNT TICKETS CLICK HERE!  

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