country tonite christmas

A Country Tonite Christmas is is a yule-tide celebration of music, dance, and song!   The true meaning of the holiday is brought to life through video technology and a live-on-stage portrayal of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. It's a high-energy production filled with several genres of music that include carols, famous tunes, legend tributes, and country music hits.  There's loads dancing, singing, and family-oriented comedy to keep you laughing from beginning to end!  It's an magical show where angels dance, and toys come to life!  The Country Tonite Show is a celebration of faith, family, and freedom during the Christmas season and all year around!

Country Tonite Christmas Angels are seen dancing around Mary and Joseph as the miracle birth of Jesus is being told.The Nativity
Meet Bubba the Country Tonite Christmas Comedian.Bubba - The Redneck Ranger
This Country Tonite Patriotic Salute is Awesome!A Tribute to Our Military & First Responders
These Country Tonite Singers perform beautifully the songs of Christmas.Songs of the Season

a country tonite christmas brings the story of the birth of jesus to life

In A Country Tonite Joseph is seen bowing down to Mother Mary and the Baby Jesus.
During Country Tonite Christmas praise is given to Jesus, the newborn king.
Video plays in the background during A Country Tonite Christmas as Mary and Joseph admire our newborn savior.

A SAVIOR IS BORN!  The Country Tonite Christmas show tells the story of the birth of Jesus!  It's a time of acknowledging the true meaning of this holy holiday through the miracle birth of Christ - our Savior.  The cast brings scripture from the Bible alive through a beautiful nativity-like musical tribute to the new-born king.  Familiar carols of praise echo throughout the auditorium. This inspiring segment adds a special warmth that is sure to stay with you throughout the entire holiday season.  

In Country Tonite Christmas Frozen Movie Characters are are brought to life.Characters from the hit movie "Frozen" Come Alive!
During A Country Tonite Christmas Grandma brings some crazy antics to the stage.Grandma Puts The "Shine" On Christmas!
The Country Tonite Christmas Grinch comes looking for Cindy Lou Who.The Grinch Comes Looking For Cindy Lou Who!

A Country Tonite Christmas celebrates the lighter side with lots of humor and merriment!  Watch as toys from Santa's big red bag come to life!  The Grinch appears during a skit from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"  as the theme song is performed.  Grandma (aka) Bubba interrupts the show to bring lots of laughter to the stage.  Scenes from the movie, "The Polar Express" are seen on video during a live performance of the song, "When Christmas Comes to Town."  

The Patriotic part of the production brings veterans and those serving our military to their feet as they are recognized by every member of the Country Tonite cast.  These folks, along with first responders are shown respect as the the entire stage burst into colors of red, white, and blue. The performers are dressed in striking attire while paying tribute to those who serve.  The most heart-warming part of this segment is during the song "God Bless the USA."  It's where the audience stands in honor of everyone involved with making our great country what it is today!

Beautiful Country Tonite Christmas Dancing just  comes naturally to this little lady!
Bringing music to life through Country Tonite Christmas Dancing.

The cutest member of the cast is also the newest and performs during the Christmas show only!  She's Breslin Wilson, daughter of Country Tonite's emcee, Kevin Wilson.  Nine-year-old Breslin does an outstanding acting job in her role as Cindy Lou during the "Grinch" skit.  She also performs a beautiful dance with such perfect form, it almost appears as though she's floating.  Breslin  appears again later in the show with her dad as he sings the hit song by Oak Ridge Boys, "Thank God For Kids."  Children from the audience are asked to participate by coming onstage during this special song.

Country Tonite has been voted the best show in the Great Smoky Mountains area for years.  Large crowds gather during the holiday season to enjoy a combination of music styles and to celebrate Christmas.  This show is filled with entertainment for every member of the family.   It's popular with bus tours, church groups, and tourists.  Group rates are available for parties of 20 or more.  Discount tickets are available for this show.  Give yourself a gift of celebration you'll never forget! Celebrate Christmas in the Smokies with A COUNTRY TONITE CHRISTMAS!

Country Tonite performer Willow Osborne sings and plays the banjo.Willow Osborne
These Country Tonite Christmas Singers are the ones who make this production an award-winning show!Country Tonite Performers
Country Tonite Christmas singer Shelton Tison Is a young man with an amazing voice!Shelton Tison