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conway twitty tribute show

Travis James as Conway Twitty sings some of the original artist's biggest hitsBeautiful Military Salute
Travis James as Conway Twitty Hello Darlin' is a hit with the audience.Just Being "Conway"
Travis James as Conway Twitty sits for a cluster of the artist's biggest classic hits.Singing the Classics

A Tribute to Conway Twitty with Travis James is a spectacular "must see" show!  This state-of-the-art performance features real entertainment from beginning to end. Twitty fans are sure to enjoy every moment, however, you don't have to  be a fan of "The High Priest of Country Music" to have a good time here.  Travis James is a true entertainer!  During the first half of the show, he does an excellent job impersonating Conway Twitty.  He brings to life Conway's #1 classic country hits including "The Rose", "Tight Fittin' Jeans,"  "It's Only Make Believe," and more.  His "on the spot" impersonation of the singer will have you believing Conway Twitty himself is performing onstage!

conway twitty is just one of the celebrity impersonations performed by travis james

Don't let the name "A Tribute To Conway Twitty" fool you!  Yes!  His tribute to Conway Twitty is everything you would expect it to be!  However, there is a lot more to Travis James than meets the eye!  He does a "Las Vegas-style" performance in a small, but pleasant setting.  It's what makes this Pigeon Forge show different from any others.  Because Travis James is an Impersonator, the second half of the show is really impressive!  He sings an array of top music hits made famous by musicians John Conlee, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Hank Williams Jr., and John Anderson.  Songs include Mega-Hits like "Rose-Colored Glasses," "Your Cheatin' Heart," "Swingin" and more!  And though he uses his voice to sound incredibly like other people, he has a beautiful voice of his own.  During an honorable salute to our veterans, those who have served in our military are recognized before he does a magnificent rendition of "More Than Just A Name On The Wall, originally performed by the Statler Brothers.  During a 15 minute intermission he changes clothes and comes back as Elvis Presley!  And although there is an excellent Elvis impersonator, Doug Thompson, on staff at the Main Event Theater, Travis James' does an excellent job in his own right!  

who is travis james?

Great Family Show

Another thing that makes this show great is that while you walk into the Main Event Theater expecting a state-of-the-art show, you walk out with having made new friends and even getting to know Travis James personally!  This man is very personable! He has the art of storytelling down to a "science!"  He's an open book about his own life as he reveals personal stories about his his family, and unusual experiences on the road.  All the while, the entire audience is doubled over with laughter!  The ladies are exasperated as he moves from the stage to hold hands and sing directly to them while teasing their husbands.  Next, he brings husbands and wives closer together as he calls them to dance while singing the slow, but romantic "Crazy In Love."  He invites everyone in the audience to turn to those around them, say "hello," and shake hands!  This is the place where the strangers you walked into the theater with become your friends!  

My personal experience here is one I will remember always!  I brought my 90-year-Old mother to the theater because she had been a Conway Twitty fan for years.  My mom has some Dementia but it didn't stop Travis James from treating her like a "queen."  During his Conway Twitty segment he was joking about the wig he was wearing.  Mom, who was sitting on the second row, interrupted abruptly saying, "Why don't you pull your wig off?"  With shock in his eye and a smile on his face, he replied, "I might do that later!"  As he attempted to move forward with his song, my mom interrupted again saying, "Look!  I'm wearing a wig!"  At that moment she pulled her wig right off her head!  Travis James then stopped the show and started to "split-a-gut" with laughter.  The whole audience then began "to roll!"  As Conway Twitty, he sang to her, and held her hand.  Later, during the "couples" waltz, he danced with her.  Then soon after, during the show, just as he promised, he took off his wig for my mom!!  It's just who Travis James is....HE LOVES PEOPLE!!

Travis James has some very impressive credits!   These include performing with the Jordanaires, and D.J. Fontanna.  He's also performed opening acts for folks like Ronnie Milsap, Diamond Rio, and Vince Gill!  Other achievements include interviewing with Oprah Winfrey, and releasing his own album entitled, "A Pair of 38's."  

As you plan your next vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains area, you must include the Conway Twitty Tribute Show, and the Elvis Presley Tribute!  Both shows are excellent and provide excellent entertainment that every member of the family will enjoy!  The Main Event Theater is located 2727 Parkway, Suite 15 on the top level of the "Red Roof Mall."  The Conway Twitty Tribute show is presented at 7:30 P.M. every night except Sundays and Wednesdays.  Snacks are available, along with a nice gift shop carrying beautiful and unique items.  For more information or to order DISCOUNT TICKETS - CLICK HERE.  

During the Conway Twitty Tribute Travis James does Elvis Presley impersonationsFunny Stories
During the Conway Twitty Tribute Travis James Dances with my mom and gets up close and personal with his audience.Dancing With Mom During Dance Segment
While performing during the Conway Twitty tribute Travis James gets a little crazy as Elvis Presley.Having Fun With The Audience






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