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hollywood wax museum AND ENTERTAINMENT CENTER

The Hollywood Wax Museum could be considered, on it's own, an attractions amusement park!  It's a family adventure that moves you through a fun-filled day of thrills and excitement!   Take a tour through the museum for a life-like wax figures of all the magnificent superstar entertainers, singers, dancers, and performers of the past and present.  Attempt to rescue a princess by winding through colorful mirrors looking for clues inside Hannah's Mirror Maze!  Grab your goggles and laser blaster for an exciting 5-D ride into a monster-infested world where you fight to become the hero inside the Castle of Chaos!  Stop the viral "Outbreak" of an experiment gone wrong by destroying zombies inside the laboratory of "Outbreak!"  It's all here in one place!  It's State-of-the-art adventure!  And it's all waiting for you!

The Hollywood Wax Museum Castle of Chaos has lots of monsters to defeat!  Do you dare???CASTLE OF CHAOS
Hannah's Mirror Maze is filled with color and intrique!HANNAH'S MIRROR MAZE
Can you name all the stars whose likeness are placed on the outside of the Hollywood Wax Museum?HOLLYWOOD SUPERSTARS

hollywood wax museum and attractions

THE HOLLYWOOD WAX MUSEUM- It's where the stars come out to play!  This magnificent museum, with it's unique structure, is an amazing place to spend an entire day!    See  your favorite celebrities!  Folks like Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Harrison Ford, and hundreds more!  Take photos!  Pose with  big name celebrities during their most famous scenes!  These wax figures are amazing due to their detailed process.  They make you feel as though the stars are standing in front of you and ready to speak!  Rub elbows with some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities  Dance with the Divas, and mingle in the spotlight with superstars of the A-List!  Learn interesting facts about their successes, their private lives, and more! After an exciting tour through the uniquely structured Hollywood Wax Museum building, it's time to take the elevator to the top floor where you walk outside and get up close and personal with the 34,000-pound Gorilla climbing the building's structure.  

CASTLE OF CHAOS - This wild and crazy 5-D video game adventure will have you fighting off monsters to save the world!  It's real life action as you grab your laser blaster and 3-D goggles and move with a challenging shoot-em-up ride taking you into another world full of mystery, intrigue, and excitement unlike you've ever experienced before!  Do you have what it takes to destroy the enemy?  Can you achieve the highest score?  You better do good because all winners are shown on the screen at the end of each ride!  So, "Buckle up Butter Cup!  This fun-filled adventure is fast moving action the whole family will absolutely enjoy!   

HANNAH'S MIRROR MAZE - Do you really want to get lost in the Smokies?  Hannah's Mirror Maze is the most exciting way to do it!  Winding through 288 potential turns among hundreds of magnificent colors and mirrored walls and archways proves to be quite a challenge!  The whole adventure story is based upon a spell cast by Ugly Hetty upon the beautiful Princess Hannah!  It's up to you to follow the leads of this modern day fairy-tale and see if it might be you who is "The Chosen One" to help the princess out of her regretful dilemma.   

OUTBREAK - Your greatest opportunity has finally arrived!  It's you who has been chosen to save the world!  There's a universal viral attack!  It all comes about as an experiment in the biotech lab goes wrong!  Test subjects have turned into multitudes of zombies who are on the attack!  It's a horrendous dread of the un-dead as you and your work assistants do everything possible to rid the world of zombies!  Can you relieve the world of the "Alpha Strain" before it's too late?  Will you make it out alive?  Only YOU know the outcome!  

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