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ripley's moving theater

Experience lots of Ripley's Moving Theater

Ripley's Moving Theater is a unique attraction that combines the art of theater with motions seats to give you an exciting thrill you'll want to experience over and again!   The gigantic three-story screen brings the action to life in 5-D as you've never seen before!  Amazing sound effects makes you feel as though you're actually part of the movie.  Feel the rush at every turn!  Hold on tight during high-flying bumps, and downhill coaster-like plunges into the unknown!  

ripley's moving theater is action-packed adventure!

Because movies change periodically at Ripley's Moving Theater, there's always a new adventure to explore. With cutting edge technology and seats that move in 8 different directions, you'll surge high speeds that's sure to have you screaming and laughing all at the same time.  

Ripley's Moving Theater is a suitable ride for all age groups.  It's the perfect choice to take a date, young children, or enjoy as a group.   However, because this attraction is more of a ride than a movie, it's recommended that expectant mothers, and people who have certain medical conditions not participate. 

This attraction is open 365 days a year!  No reservations are required.  Tickets are sold outside the door.  Each show is approximately 15-20 minutes long.  There is a short wait, however, Ripley's Moving Theater is at full size capacity, so the line moves quickly.  The theater is located at 904 Parkway at Traffic Light Number 8 downtown Gatlinburg.  For more information or BUY DISCOUNT TICKETS CLICK HERE!


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