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gatlinburg attractions

LIVE THE EXCITEMENT!    Gatlinburg attractions will have you sitting "front row center" for some of the finest entertainment in the Great  Smoky Mountains!  Enjoy the best the Smokies has to offer - guaranteed!

Gatlinburg attractions are filled with excitement!


 This "must-see" attraction offers a 20 minute chair lift ride up the mountain. At the top, enjoy swinging bridges, Zip Lines, scenic views, and recreation areas!  Annakeesta offers an outdoor tribute to the Gatlinburg fires that is truly amazing!  See the photos! Read about the horrific chain of events that occurred on that terrible November night!  Stand amidst a fire-stricken area surrounded by burned trees!  It's a one-of-a-kind attraction that keeps you coming back!  While vacationing Gatlinburg, be sure to visit ANNAKEESTA!

Of all Gatlinburg Attractions Christ in the Smokies is one of the most spiritual.Christ In The Smokies

Christ In The Smokies is one of the most spiritual of all Gatlinburg attractions!  This beautiful museum and gardens is the perfect place to hear the story of Jesus' life on earth.  Beginning with His birth and moving through fascinating staged events up until His death, and glorious resurrection.  This story is beautifully narrated with it's life-like animated characters.  

It's Gatlinburg Attractions Aquarium that draws the big crowds!Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies

This Gatlinburg attraction is a true icon!  You don't have to drive far into before spotting Ripley's Aquarium.  This museum houses over 1500 animals!  There's lots of exhibits and shows!  It's a great place to spend the day, or an excellent location to plan a birthday party or a wedding!                                     

Are you ready for some exciting action?  Head to Gatlinburg Attractions Fort Fun for a fun day in the Smokies.Gatlinburg Smoky Mountain Fun

This one is one of the most exciting Gatlinburg attractions in the downtown area! This fun park is filled with exciting things to do both inside and outside.  Enjoy mini golf, shopping, amusements, and more.  It's the one-stop "family fun" place to be in Gatlinburg!   

If you're trying to find some cool Gatlinburg Attractions Cooters Museum has everything your looking for in the way of Cooter's Place

If you're a Dukes of Hazzard fan, you have to visit this museum!  Owned by Ben "Crazy Cooter" Jones himself, this Gatlinburg attraction is on the inside track with lots of originals, including TV scripts, autographed, paraphernalia, collector's items, etc....There's a gift shop, mini golf, and go-cart track!  You can have your photo taken with the real live General Lee!

Fly high in the sky with a Gatlinburg Attractions Tram Ride!Gatlinburg Arial Tramway

The Arial Tram is a wonderful way to see Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains year around.  It's located at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort so the scenery is beautiful!  It holds about 80 people and goes to a higher level of the Ski Resort where you enjoy ice skating, shopping, and a huge outdoor amusement park with lots to see and do.  Don't miss this all-time favorite Gatlinburg attraction.

Get lost inside lots of mirrors in Gatlinburg Attractions Ripley's Mirror MazeRipley's Mirror Maze

It's the perfect way to get lost and enjoy every minute!  Can you find you're way though a huge house of mirrors?  This exciting attraction may very well keep you lost for the whole day.  It's a fun-filled family attraction that will have you "seeing double" for hours!  It's always a challenge!  Come see for yourself!

Enjoy the best of both worlds inside Gatlinburg attractions Circus Golf Blacklight 3-D - It's a circus!  It's Mini Golf!Circus Golf Blacklight 3-D

If you LOVE the circus and you're into mini golf, this Gatlinburg attraction is the one for you!  Enjoy combined action of the circus while playing 18 holes of mini golf in 3D!  It's an adventure with a real challenge of the game!  As you play, enjoy all the excitement of the circus filled with interactive features, computer animations, interesting sound effects, and more.  Be sure to get that hole-in-one on the 18th hole for a special celebration!

This Gatlinburg Attraction Ripley's Believe It Or Not offers a day of amazement and fun.Ripley's Believe It Or Not

This unusual museum is filled with amazing relics and strange occurrences.  Is this stuff true, or just something that someone made up???  It's up to you to "Believe It Or Not!"  Standing above this museum is the Space Needle. This look-out deck is the place to view the city of Gatlinburg and the mountains surrounding the city. 

Of all the Gatlinburg Attractions Star Cars is one of the most interesting!Star Cars

Do you have a favorite Star Car?  This exciting museum is filled with celebrity vehicles!  It houses all the greats including "Herbie, the Love Bug, and Kitt from the popular TV show "Knight Rider!"  See lots of familiars and have your picture taken with them.  You'll have a wonderful time spending the day with your favorite Hollywood car!  

Gatlinburg attractions Guinness Book of World Records holds a world of exhibits you're sure to enjoy!Guinness Book of World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records is one of Gatlinburg's most fascinating museums!  You'll become mesmerized by the many exhibits and accomplishments  of those around the world who have dared to do the impossible and succeeded.  This unique museum is the perfect place to spend the day!

One of Gatlinburg Attractions Davy Crockett Mini GolfRipley's Davy Crockett Mini Golf

Enjoy the history and adventure that goes into a fun game of golf at Ripley's Davy Crockett Mini Golf Course.  It's a "thrill a minute" on the wild frontier!  As you move through the challenging 18-holes, discover wild (animated) animals like bears, raccoons, chipmunks, and more!  

One Gatlinburg Attraction Rafting In The Smokies is only about 27 miles from Gatlinburg as the crow flies!

Rafting in the Smokies is about 27 miles from Gatlinburg in a little town called Hartford!    It's one of the area's top rafting adventures!  Experience the rapids on the Little Pigeon River Class 1 & @ 2.   Professional guides accompany you on the tour.  No experience is necessary!  Children as young as 3 years of age may go along!  Rafting in the Smokies is a wonderful way to spend the day!

One of the Smokies most exciting Gatlinburg Attractions - Ripley's Moving Theater!

Ripley's Moving Theater is is a breath-taking one-of-a-kind thrill ride you can experience without ever leaving your seat!  With the use of 3-D glasses you move into other worlds, ride roller coasters, and find the kind of excitement you've never seen before!  Ripley's Moving Theater is a "must see" adventure for the whole family.

The Smoky Mountains is your one stop destination for fun!  Planning a vacation in the fall?  Don't forget to visit one of the Great Smoky Mountain's biggest attractions - the Sever County Fair!  Come to the Smokies and check out this action for yourself! You'll be glad you did! These attractions are thrilling, and fun! Keep your family laughing with Gatlinburg Tennessee's exciting attractions.