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parrot mountain and gardens

This Parrot Mountain White Bird Is Waiting For An Exciting Visit From You!

Parrot Mountain and Gardens is a spiritual sanctuary where you see, touch and feed tropical birds.   The beautifully landscaped gardens are filled with lovely plants and flowers.  It's a place that sits high upon the hillside and glorifies our Lord and Savior while being surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains.  It's a wonderful place to just relax and pray while sitting on a bench, or walking through their many paved pathways.  The story of Christ unfolds in the Prayer Garden as you walk by the life-size replicas of the stable where Jesus was born.  Walk inside His empty tomb. Stand near the crosses like those He was crucified on, then praise His Holy name as He stands resurrected.

Upon entering Parrot Mountain and Gardens is a 200 foot stone fence leading to a replica of Thomas Kinkade's "Stairway to Paradise."  As you walk along, you'll spot unique bird cottage structures with odd-style roofing.  Big colorful birds, in all their splendor, will be sitting on open perches along the pathway to greet you.   You'll become amazed by the different species, and sizes as you watch them, talk to them, and allow them to eat seed directly from your hand.

inside the secret garden of parrot mountain - what's there?

Inside Parrot Mountain and Gardens is a little yellow door that leads to secret garden.  What mystery lies beyond this door?  As you enter, you become astounded by the gorgeous landscapes.  Surrounding you are birds in flight!  The Toucans, the Silvery-Cheek Hornbill, the Magpie, and more.   On the other side of the Secret Garden is another Bird Garden where you spend more time with colorful birds and take photos.  Afterwards, take the opportunity to feed the multi-colored Lories Nectar from a cup you hold in your hand.  

Guests of all age groups enjoy the Baby Bird Nursery!  These little ones are at different stages of development and can be held and fed by you!  As a matter of fact, you can even purchase one of these birds to take home with you.  A trained staff member is on-hand to teach you how to feed and take care of your own personal bird.  There is also a gift shop on the property for shopping and a deli to pick up lunch.

After a wonderful day of praising our Lord and enjoying His lovely creation, you'll be ready to rest by Parrot Mountain and Garden's picturesque waterfall.  Beautifully designed butterfly, dragonfly, and peacock-shaped seating is available for prayer, and relaxation as you enjoy the soothing sounds of rushing waters.

In the beginning God created all things!  Parrot Mountain and Gardens is one of the finest ways to enjoy the beauty of God's creation in the Great Smoky Mountains area.  It's an attraction everyone in the family is sure to enjoy!  Group tours are welcome.  Parrot Mountain and Gardens is located at 1471 McCarter Hollow Road just feet down the road from the entrance of Dollywood's parking lot.  For more information, or to place an order for DISCOUNT TICKETS CLICK HERE!






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