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sevier air trampoline and ninja warrior park

Looking for a "hopping' good time" in the Smokies?  Sevier Air Trampoline and Ninja Warrior Park is the place to go to get your "jump" on!  Grab the kids and get ready for some high-flyin' adventure!  There's something here for the whole family and it's called "F-U-N!"   Ready to burn some energy?  Then you've come to the right place!    Adults and children alike are always ready to show their stuff on the trampolines!  Or, if you prefer to kick up your heels, two-step over to mini dance floor and start rockin'!  Sports minded folks enjoy playing basketball and dodge ball while others just get crazy and climb the walls!  Whatever "trips your trigger" you can bet it's all right here at the Sevier Air Trampoline and Ninja Warrior Park!  

visiting sevier air trampoline and ninja warrior park is beneficial for good health!

It's true!  While you're hard at play, you're burning calories, improving cardiovascular fitness, balance, coordination, and building bone density! (Wow! What a way to go!)  Who knew exercising could be so much fun??  And if you're serious about good health and losing weight,  Sevier Air Trampoline and Ninja Warrior Park offers "Sevier Fitness Jump Fit" and "Pulse Classes."  Wear your "Fit-Bit" or other workout tracking device to pick up lots of fitness "brownie points!"    

Take your adventure to new heights and become a Ninja!  Is it really as easy as it looks on TV?  Well, you won't know until you give it a shot?  It's where you bring your friends and family together for the ultimate challenge!  There are two obstacle courses, junior and advanced.  First, you must scan your thumbprint so you can track your progress. Now it's time to do some of the meanest jumping, climbing, sliding, and crawling you've ever done in your life!  Afterwards, go to the limit inside the foam pit and knock your opponent into the foam while battling it out in a match - "gladiator-style!"  If you're really lucky, you might just run into one of "American Ninja Warriors TV Show's" real live-ninjas!   Sometimes the Sevier Air and Ninja Warrior Park hosts special events like Slam-Dunk competitions, TV Sporting Matches, or a Ninja Warrior contests.    

In the midst of all these "thrills and spills," you might start to get a little tired and hungry!  (It happens!)  Sevier Air Trampoline and Ninja Warrior Park has you covered!  Both the main floor and the Observation Deck have comfortable chairs for relaxing.  While taking it easy, you're sure to enjoy their state-of-the-art concessions area filled with lots of treats, soft drinks, ice cream, and pizza!  After a good rest, you can have even more fun by taking a look inside the gift shop where you'll find lots of cool hats, shirts, hoodies, and more!

Sevier Air Trampoline and Warrior Park is "Child's Play," however, there are rules that must be followed!  Trampolines and other activities can put you in a dangerous situation quickly, so you must obey the rules!  Staff and management requires ALL participants to sign a waiver after watching a safety video.  The staff and management works hard to make sure everyone plays safely and encourages visitors to do the same so no one is injured.  

Sevier Air Trampoline and Ninja Warrior Park is 38,000 Feet of exciting challenges, adventures, and fun!  Toddlers have their own little play area.   Special events often include special pricing.  Spectator areas and free WiFi is available for non-participants.  Waiver forms are valid for one year from the date of completion.  This indoor attraction is located at 266 Collier Drive, Sevierville, TN.  For more information and DISCOUNT TICKETS CLICK HERE!

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