Sevierville Shopping

Sevierville shopping will have you finding great bargains and lots of fun and unusual things.Governor's Crossing Shopping Mall

Do you like to shop?  Sevierville shopping is where you find  great bargains and "unique" treasures!  What are you looking for?  There is a lot here, however, since Sevierville is considered to be more of an average small mountain city than a tourist town, you're going to see lots of regular venues like shopping centers, grocery stores, malls, furniture stores, thrift stores, Walmart,  etc...Stores like the ones in your own hometown!  However, there are still some pretty cool places to shop in Sevierville!  

If you're looking for great gifts, Sevierville shopping Beehive has the perfect selection!The Beehive Jewelry and More

 BEEHIVE JEWELRY AND MORE:  If you are into costume jewelry, you must take a look here.  The Beehive has beautiful pieces you're sure to adore.  It's a "one-stop" shop for ladies!   Their jewelry selection is huge, but they have far more.  There's really cute clothes here!  You'll find shoes, handbags, scarves, and most anything else needed to complete the perfect outfit!  


Sevierville Shopping antique stores are plentiful in the Sevier County area.Antique Stores

ANTIQUE STORES:  There are several antique stores in the area!  If you like the"nostalgic" look, Sevierville shopping can become quite interesting for you!  This antique store, located on Highway 66, is filled with great finds from the "Good Ole' Days!"  

Sevierville Shopping Amish stores offers unique The Amish Store

AMISH CREATIONS & COUNTRY MARKET:  Some of the area's most interesting "finds" are found here!  The community's Amish carry an excellent selection of "Amish made" furniture, home decor, and more.  It's a great place to find souvenirs and Black Bear decor!

Sevierville is an excellent place to shop!  Souvenirs are found in some of the stores here, however, more shops than not carry a great line of some of the most interesting things that can be found in the Great Smoky Mountains area!  As you plan your Smoky Mountain vacation, be sure you make time to do some Sevierville shopping!

Outdoor World Pro Bass Shop is truly a unique Sevierville Shopping experience.Bass Pro Shops

BASS PRO SHOPS:  There's a lot happening here, folks!  It's the place for the entire family to shop, however, there's much more than shopping!  It's somewhat of an attraction with waterfalls, arcade games, restaurants, a gigantic fish tank, and more!  You'll love their boat showroom, and camping department!  There is something for every member of the family.

Sevierville Shopping Smoky Mountain Knife Works outside offers plenty of great stuff inside!Smoky Mountain Knife Works

SMOKY MOUNTAIN KNIFE WORKS:  There's a lot more here than meets the eye!  The photo shows only a small section of this huge showplace!  Like Bass Pro Shops, Smoky Mountain Knife Works is an attraction that goes far beyond knives! Of course there are thousands of knives to choose from, but this is a store that carries most everything!  There's a knife museum, a relics museum, and even a cute country singing show for kids!

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