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the glades
arts and crafts community of gatlinburg

The Glades Arts and Crafts Community of Gatlinburg has been over 75 years in the making!  It was around 1937 when artists and craftsmen aligned the streets of Gatlinburg in studios, or on the streets where residents and visitors could watch these amazing artisans at work.  The popularity of the event caused traffic problems.  Excessive commissions disruptions was keeping them from working the way they wanted, so they moved their studios, galleries, etc...out into the area where they lived inside The Glades Community.   Word continued to spread so crowds kept coming into the area and it began to grow!  As a result the Arts And Crafts Community of Gatlinburg was born!  In 1982, over 11 million people visited the Glades area.   It's still growing and has begun one of the Great Smoky Mountain's biggest "hot spots"  with over 120 stores on an 8-mile loop.  It's filled with some of the craftiest artisans, and exquisite artwork in the world!   

This Glades Shop is filled with beautiful arts and crafts.Arts & Crafts Store
People actually drive across, or you can walk across this covered Glades bridge.Covered Bridge
To find beautiful arts and crafts in the Smoky Mountains just follow the Glades sign.Entrance to Arts & Crafts Community
This stairway leads to lots of great Glades   "arts & crafts" shopping!Stairway To Covered Bridge Courtyard Shops
This beautiful wedding chapel in the Glades Arts & Crafts Community is the perfect place to get married!Wedding Chapel In The Glades

Many shops in the glades arts & crafts community carries MERCHANDISE lifting up the name of jesus!

This painting by Stephen S. Sawyer is a beautiful depiction of the power of God in the Smokies!Painting by Stephen S. Sawyer

If you're into art prints and paintings The Arts and Crafts Community is the perfect place to shop!  Breath-taking portraits of every size are available of most anything you're looking for.  Some of the area's most popular paintings are those painted in the Great Smoky Mountains area!   The power of God can be felt so strongly that the beauty of these landscapes seem to jump off of  the canvas straight into your heart!   These artists know how to bring their work to life in a way that depicts life in the mountains!  They add a special kind of spirituality that reflects the love of God and His creation!  In every painting, whether it be water color, or oil, there is a special part of the artist in every one.

ART FOR GOD is one of the Arts & Craft Community's most spiritual art galleries.  Not only will you find an amazing collection of paintings of Jesus, the artist, Stephen S. Sawyer, expands on a special kind of uniqueness of His life on earth that reveals His human side  Many of these paintings come with a story that is just as unusual as the painting itself.

The woodworking skills you see inside The Arts And Crafts Community is out of this world.  The detailed work and craftsmanship are quite impressive!  Inside every woodworking shop is beautifully hand - crafted decor to compliment any room of your home.  These conversation pieces are sure to give you quality service for years to come while adding a touch of elegance.  

In the Glades this woodworking cabin is a real work of art!Cabin Carved of Wood

Pottery is one of the oldest, and widespread of the decorative arts.  The  Arts & Crafts Community is a place to find unique pottery items that may be hard to find anywhere else!  Each shop is filled with unusual designs and quality workmanship.   Every item appears to have its own style and personality!  Radiant colors painted over a smooth surface brings forth a lustrous shine.  Most anything can be found throughout the Arts and Crafts Community.  Many local artists own shops to keep you browsing for hours!  Choose from homemade quilts, leathers, candles, weaving, carvings, whittling, and clothing - just to name a few!  It's exciting to watch these fine craftsmen work.

This is a beautiful Glades Pottery display inside Flowers Clay Works

This community is the perfect place to find that exclusive, one-of-a-kind gift for the person on your list who has everything!  After an exciting day of shopping, (and it's easy to spend a whole day here) there are great places to eat!  From Cafes to bed and breakfasts, and candy shops, you'll enjoy visiting venues that are both interesting and impressive! 

Admission is absolutely FREE!  For more than 75 years, people have been coming to see what is now known as the largest group of independent artists and craftsmen in America!  THE GLADES OF GATLINBURG ARTS & CRAFTS COMMUNITY.

Special events happen throughout the year inside the Glades Arts and Crafts Community.  There are several arts and crafts shows, displays, and opportunities to see these magnificent artisans at work.  Some of these stores will even let you make a craft of your own, and show you how it's done.  For more information and an events schedule call 865-436-6921.

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