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A lot of folk visit the Great Smoky Mountains to see the famous people who come here!  Seems as though we have a lot of stars around here!  Some live in the area while others come to perform live.  The Great Smoky Mountains are filled with famous people who perform during Christian conferences each year!  Dollywood brings musicians to perform during their Gospel Music Fall Festival,  "Rock The Smokies" Festival, and Spring Mix Concerts.  The Country Tonite Theater hosts a Country Music Concert Series that brings famous people and legends to our area each year!  

Among some of the most famous people here in the Smokies is our own DOLLY PARTON

Of the most famous people in the Smoky Mountains is our own Dolly Parton who was born and raised in Sevierville TN.Dolly Parton

Most everyone loves Dolly!  Being originally from Sevierville, she comes to the area quite often!  One of the most beautiful things about Dolly is her testimony for Christ.  She brings a wonderful testimony for her love of Christ into the Smoky Mountains area and throughout the world!   Dollywood is an exciting theme park filled with fun that also keeps the spirit of Christ alive!  His spirit is reflected through the powerful  "Heartsong" video at the Heartsong Theater.  The little church inside Dollywood brings the "old time religion" alive with services every Sunday morning!  The Gospel Music museum inside the theme park tells the history of gospel music and the people who shared the love of Jesus through song. Christmas is a beautiful time as the story of the birth of Christ rings throughout Dollywood onstage and through song.   During the fall every year Dollywood lifts up the name of Jesus through the Gospel Music Festival and the Labor Day "Rock The Smokies" Concert series.  Dolly Parton has added a great deal to the community through  Dollywood, Dollywood Splash Country, Dolly's Lumberjack Adventure, and Dolly Parton's Stampede.  Because she has given so much to those that live here, a statue has been erected on Sevierville’s courthouse lawn in her honor.  For Dolly, this statute is her greatest accomplishment.  We are truly blessed  to have such a lovely, caring, and spirit-filled lady to come from the Great Smoky Mountains area!  Her love for Christ is amazing, and her ministry to our area and the rest of the world is amazing!

Ben "Crazy Cooter" Jones

He’s best known for his role as Crazy Cooter on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show.  Ben Jones is a man who lifts up the Lord!  He is a born-again Christian who has a heart for loving people and sharing Christ.  God has blessed Ben with great opportunities and a wonderful career.  One of his most exciting accomplishments located in Gatlinburg and known as Cooter's Place.   This entertainment venue is a museum that carries “all things Dukes!”   It’s a great family attraction that has go-cart racing (complete with General Lee go-carts, )  a mini golf course,  and a gift shop complete with Dukes memorabilia!   Cooter’s been known to invite some of his friends to Cooter’s Place.  Folks like Catherine  “Daisy”Bach, Ben “Cletus” Hurst, and Byron “couson Coy” Cherry have been here.  When time permits it's been said that old "Crazy Cooter" himself shows up here.  Some of my favorite memories go back to the early days when you went to Cooter’s Place to fill up on Cooter’s Goobers! (Salted peanuts in the shell) 

Famous People Like Carman brings praise and worship to the Smoky Mountains.Carman Licciardello

Here's a man whose been "Kickin' It For Christ" for most of his life!  He began his gospel music career at the young age of 20.  Since then he has become a contemporary Christian music icon.  He's sold millions of records earning both gold and platinum!  For years he was guest host of the "Praise The Lord" show on the TBN Network.  He's done Chrisitan television, Christian movies, and traveled throughout the world on tour lifting up the name of Jesus.  Over one million people have come to know Christ through Carman World Ministries!  Carman's first visit to the Great Smoky Mountains area was Spring 2018.  He was one of the musicians who performed in Dollywood during the "Spring Mix Gospel Music" shows.  Carman performed three shows back-to-back to a full house.  He did of lively show that included comical stories and his most popular hits.  It was a wonderful night of praise and worship!  After each show, he came down to meet fans, talk, and pose for photos!  

Neal McCoy

One of the most entertaining performers you'll ever see is country music legend, Neal McCoy!  He's been entertaining folks for years with number one hit songs like "The Shake" "Wink," and "No Doubt About It."   He is extremely talented and displays a wonderful loving heart!  I've never met anyone who loves people like Neal McCoy!  His love for others is a reflection of the Godly spirit in his heart and his testimony for Christ is the light that points to it.  He gives God glory for his many successes and it shows during every performance!  As an entertainment reporter, I've talked many famous people and experienced hundreds of concerts but I've never seen anything like what this man does!  God created him to do what he does!  He's a natural onstage.  He dances, tells jokes, and sings his songs just like his recordings.  He laughs with the fans!  He comes offstage and performs in the audience!  He sings to people!  He holds their hands!  He stands beside them while they sing with him!  He throws t-shirts and hats out into the audience.  He has a Facebook page where he comes on live and talks about his life, and music.  He talks to his fans and calls them by name when they make comments!  Neal McCoy loves his country and his flag!  He makes it a point to talk about God and country during his live shows.  In one of the shows I attended he gave his testimony of his love for Christ, but in every show he salutes the veterans, pays tribute to those who gave their lives for our freedom, and honors the American Flag!  

These are only a few of the famous people who have visited the Smokies.  We've had famous people like Louise Mandrell, Lee Greenwood, and T.G. Shepherd who at one time had theaters in the Smokies.  We also have terrific theater shows who do imitations of famous people like Elvis Presley, Red Skelton, and Conway Twitty.  Concerts, and exciting festivals happen year around in the Smokies and some of them do include famous people. So, when you come  for your next visit, bring a camera, and keep a watchful eye!  Who knows when you might be standing right next to one of your favorite famous people!  






At Smoky Mountain Heartsong our desire is to help you plan the perfect vacation and feel the presence of God as you experience His awesome creation!!  We'll show you exciting places, share ideas, and offer helpful tips so that you'll be in-the-know  about everything that happens here!  

Come To Me, All Ye That Labour And Are Heavy Laden, And I Will Give You Rest. - Matthew 11:28