Catch A Season Premiere 
In The Great Smoky Mountains


 Spring, Summer, Winter, or fall... Any season becomes a lovely season premiere when you visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and it's surrounding areas!

a beautiful dream-season is spring

The beauty of God's creation comes alive with music as birds sing their glorious song! Vivid colors burst forth with the fragrance of lovely flowers and trees of green!  A cool breeze whispers's time for spring!    

So many wonderful things happen during springtime in the Smokies!  It's the time to see what's new in the theaters! (They're always bigger and better than the season before!) It's a time to enjoy the attractions! Both old favorites, and those brand new!It's a time to enjoy spring festivals like Bloomin' BBQ, and Bluegrass, A Mountain Quiltfest, Dollywood's Festival of Nations, and Smoky Mountain Tunes, and Tales.It's a time to see Dolly Parton in person as she parades through downtown Pigeon Forge in one of the area's biggest highlights of the season..Dolly's Homecoming Parade!


a dream-season fall

The leaves of Autumn burst forth with indescribable beauty!  Breathtaking views reveal the artistry of God!  It's a special time when we're invited to flip through the pages of God's coloring book!  It's old time fall celebrations,  country music, crafts, and dancing in the streets!  It's delicious pumpkin pies, and delightful decorations!  It's big orange pumpkins, funny scarecrows, and fall flowers on very corner!  It's cooler temperatures, hot, spicy drinks, riding horseback, dinner with family, and nice warm beds!   


spend a dream-season riding the big wheel

Wild animals frolicing through the woods!  Singing around the campfire! Beautiful starlit nights!  Friends laughing! Children splashing! Families creating beautiful lifetime memories!  Summer is a time for "hot" concerts, cool treats, and lots of shopping! It's all about cruisin' in go-carts, playing mini golf, riding roller coasters, and eating lots of ice cream, and delicious Smoky Mountain Fudge. It's a time for romantic nighttime walks, watching fireworks, and celebrating our independence!


winter is a lovely dream-season

 Snow glistening in the moonlight as snowflakes fall softly to the ground!  Quietness is now upon the mountains as she sleeps.  Her majestic peaks, covered in white, create a mirage of loveliness as never seen before!  The valley is fully awake as Christmas fills the air!  Winter in the Smokies is about celebrating the birth of Jesus in drama, and song!  It's Winterfest with millions of twinkling lights, hot wassail, (just try it) and electrical parades.It's about the glowing faces of children, Santa Claus, and over-sized toys! It's special Christmas dinners, shows, indoor water parks, ice skating, and skiing!  It's hundreds of Santa Clauses running down the street!  (Not kidding!)  It's a nice cup of hot coffee, or cocoa by the fireplace!  It's sharing love, and special times with family and friends.  It's a romantic ride through town on a beautifully decorated horse and buggy!

Which season are you dreaming about?  Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter? Perhaps you should live them all!  Each carries a wonderful experience you'll want to live over and over again!  The Great Smoky Mountains - It's a dream come true and.....


Every season in the Great Smoky Mountains is filled with beauty and splendor!  See the colors of Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall by clicking this link!